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Upgraded 3-IN-1 Handles

Versatile and High Quality

Upgraded 3-in-1 Handles

Easily switched within three modes to let you play dozens of games like Gorilla Tag, Beat Saber, golf games, sports games, swordplay games and Kayak game. Let you explore more fun of VR.

ZyberVR Elite Head Strap with 6000mAh Battery for Quest 2
ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2
ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2
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ZyberVR Charging Dock for Quest 2 Headset and Controllers
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We are a group of VR enthusiasts who trust VR will change the gaming experience and how you see the world! So we come together to provide a comfortable and immersive virtual reality experience for VR headset users through our innovative VR accessories.

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Atom Bomb Body

”This thing has brought new life and immersion into some of my favorite games. It is surprising what some extra length will give you.”

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Adam's SimPorium

"The thing is all rigid. There’s no movement at all...I’ve been using it for Kayak, for table tennis, for golf, for Beat Saber and some Blades and Sorcery, pretty awesome."

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VR with Jasmine

”It is very thoughtful of Zyber to build in the weights feature... I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the engineer for their craftsmanship."

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Mack Falconer

”Improve your VR golf game and buy your self one of whose ZyberVR Quest 2 controller attachments.”

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Viking Princess VR

"These grips definitely shine right here. Really working the core, adding a little bit extension. Not challenging my wrist or causing any injury. I love it, love it, love it!”

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Advanced VR fare

”This is a versatile VR accessories that increases the realism and immersion of the VR experience.”

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