Getting Started with Pico 4 - A Complete Beginner's Guide

Getting Started with Pico 4 - A Complete Beginner's Guide

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Pico 4 is a versatile and immersive VR headset that offers both standalone and PC VR capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned VR enthusiast or a newcomer to the virtual reality world, this comprehensive guide will take you through essential tips, tricks, and features to ensure you make the most out of your Pico 4 experience.


Essential Tips for Every Pico 4 Owner

Fit the Nose Flap

To enhance immersion and prevent light leakage, ensure you fit the nose flap included in the box. It's an easy process that involves removing the faceplate and placing the flap into position.

Use the Glasses Spacer

If you wear glasses, don't forget to add the glasses spacer included in the package. This allows you to wear glasses comfortably underneath the headset during your VR sessions.

Additionally, if you're a glasses wearer and find using the glasses spacer less convenient during your VR sessions, you might want to consider using the ZyberVR Prescription Lenses specifically designed for Pico 4. These custom prescription lenses are a fantastic alternative to wearing glasses inside the headset. With the ZyberVR Prescription Lenses, you can enjoy a more comfortable and immersive VR experience without the hassle of fitting glasses inside the headset.



Keep Lenses Clean

Clean lenses are essential for optimal visual fidelity. Always have a lens cloth handy to wipe off smudges and fingerprints. Also, ensure the tracking cameras on the front of the headset are clean for the best gameplay experience.

Activate Passthrough Camera

In the settings menu, enable "Quick Seethrough Mode." Once activated, you can double-tap the side of your headset to enable the passthrough camera. This feature comes in handy for checking your surroundings or glancing at notifications without removing the headset.

Enable 90Hz Refresh Mode

For smoother gameplay, turn on "90Hz Refresh Mode" in the LAB menu. Although some games may show a warning about instability, most users haven't encountered any issues so it's recommended to turn it on.


Recentering Your Pico 4 Screen

If you find that a game initializes in the wrong place, follow these steps to recentre your screen:

  1. Stand in Your Preferred Area. Position yourself in the area where you want to play, facing the correct direction.
  1. Press and Hold the Circle Button. On your controller, press and hold the button with a circle symbol (purple on the right controller, orange on the left). This action will recenter the world to match your position.


Changing Your Home Environment

For a change of scenery in your virtual home, you can switch to different home environments:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then General.
  2. Choose the "Virtual Environment" option.
  3. Choose your preferred environment. Although options might be limited, you can select a new environment such as the mountain house for a refreshing change from the default setup.


How To Take A Screenshot On Pico 4

Capture and share your VR moments easily with Pico 4's built-in recording features:

  1. Press the button with a camera icon on the right controller to take a snapshot.
  2. Hold the same button down to start recording a video clip.
  3. In Settings > General > Screencasting & Recording, you can customize recording settings like resolution and including microphone audio.
  4. Find your saved images and recordings in the File Manager on the home screen.


How to Screencast Your Pico 4 Gameplay

Sharing your VR experience with friends is a breeze using Pico 4's screen casting options:

  1. Open the quick settings menu and choose Screencast.
  2. Depending on your equipment, cast to a smart TV, web browser, or smartphone.
  3. Follow the instructions provided within the menus for your chosen equipment.


Pico 4 Recommended Accessories:

1. ZyberVR Elite Head Strap for Pico 4



2. ZyberVR IR Light



3. ZyberVR Black Sling Bag



4. ZyberVR Plano Lenses For Pico 4



5. ZyberVR Charging Cable




The Pico 4 is an exceptional VR headset that provides a seamless and immersive virtual reality experience. As a beginner's guide to Pico 4, we have explored essential tips and tricks to enhance your VR journey. Whether using it as a standalone VR unit or a PC VR headset, the Pico 4 performs seamlessly with excellent movement accuracy.

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