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ZyberVR Quest 2 Wireless Charging Dock

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  • Wireless Charging Design for Meta Quest 2 Controllers: The charging dock is designed with wireless charging capabilities for the Meta Quest 2 controllers, so you can charge them while they sit comfortably in the dock. And it features a strong magnetic connection by magnetic Type-C connector and battery cover that makes it easy to attach and detach your Meta Quest 2 headset and controllers for charging.
  • 2.5 Hours Fast Charging Time: The charging dock features fast charging capabilities, allowing your Oculus Quest 2 headset to be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. That you can quickly recharge your Meta Quest 2 devices and get back to your virtual reality experiences.
  • 2 of Customized 1000mAh Wireless Rechargeable Batteries: The charging dock comes with 2 customized 1000mAh wireless rechargeable batteries, providing extended gameplay time for your VR experience.
  • Tailor-made And Decent Design: With a sleek and compact design, this charging dock saves space and looks great on any desk or gaming setup. And it features an LED ambient light that provides a stylish and subtle illumination to your gaming setup. Press the switch to choose breathing light, always on or turn off the light.
  • Made With High-quality Materials: this charging dock is built to last and provides long-lasting use for your Meta Quest 2 devices. The multiple built-in protections ensure safety and reliability
  • Package Included: charging dock x1, 20W 5V/3A power adaptor x1, rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries x2, battery covers x2, magnetic headset type-c plugs x4, USB-C to USB-C cable x2, use manual x1.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Keeps Meta Quest together while looking nice

    The dock station keeps everthing together while charging. It has clean lines, charges quick.

    Blue Mango Cafe
    Wireless charging is great unless you use the port on the Quest to do other things

    I'm a fan of wireless charging in general, and so I try to use it wherever I can. First off, not having to keep a supply and swap AA batteries anymore for the Quest is great. I think that Oculus (now Meta, boo), should have engineered rechargable hand trackers to begin with, but that's a bit out of scope.The only issue I have is that I do use the single USBC port on the Quest with other attachments so every time I go to charge or put the Quest away, I need to remove that little nubbin of an adapter. I wish there was a dummy port that I could stick this into on the charger so that I wouldn't be worried about losing it. I also wish there was an on/off button so that I can use the dock as a storage device instead of just a charger. It isn't good to keep batteries charging 24/7.I commend the manufacturer on making a charger that faces flat instead of vertical. I had another charger and I had to remove some of my attachments as well as the lenses were pointing to the sky, the direction that dust likes to land. This dock allows me to keep the lenses away from dust landing on them while charging.

    A nice wireless charger with some inconveniences if you have accessories

    If you have a battery pack the dongle needs to be removed and reinstalled every time you are done charging which is not super easy. If you have grips on your controllers these also need to be removed and reinstalled every time you charge them. Other than these issues this is a very nice charger.

    Works Great!

    Got this for my daughters Meta Quest 2 and it works great. The magnets work about 95% of the time. We do notice sometimes the headset itself even it shows on the base that it is fully charged the headset when taken off shows it hasn't charged. It's weird but once put back on the base for a few minutes the headset will show its charged. Idk if its just our unit just something we noticed. The lights indicated how much the controllers and headset is charged. This comes with everything you'll need to charge your VR. The magnetic USB-C for the headset and new magnetic inserts for the controllers. Overall we are happy with this unit. Definitely recommend to any Meta Quest 2 owners!

    Anina Trandafir
    Look exactly like in the picture

    Look verry good

    Mr. SmithMr. Smith
    Reliable charging

    Our Quest 2 has been getting a lot of use from Beat Saber, Gorilla Tag, and Among Us. The headset was needing charged regularly and it would prevent us from playing on occasion. This charging set is perfect for us.It is packaged securely and came without any damage. There are extra magnetic USB-C adapters that get plugged into the headset in case you lose one or three. The batteries for the controllers fit just like regular batteries.It was a breeze to get setup and ready for use. Now, as soon as we are done, the chargers and headset are getting charged automatically.We highly recommend this.

    Easy to place to charge

    Makes placing the meta in its spot easier. Charges fast. Magnets connect fast.

    Love the concept but could be better

    The ZYBER Charging Dock for Meta Quest 2 does work well and almost ticks all the boxes.Pros:? Wireless charging is very convenient.? Looks nice.? Great home for the controllers and head unit when not using.Cons:? Having a third-party headset causes issues in that you have to tinker with the head unit position in the charger to get it to connect. This is frustrating.? I have had the battery cover on the controllers slip off at times while playing.Even with the cons listed above, the convenience of wireless charging is worth it. Just note that, if you have changed out the default headset that comes with the Oculus Quest 2, then making the connection to charge your Oculus Quest 2 can and will be a tedious process with this charging unit.

    Kris Maples
    It actually got me back into working out...

    I loaded the program Supernatural, and I'm having fun. It got me back moving again (the intermediate level of Supernatural feels more like a workout). If you do want to use to workout, buy the sweatguards or the special liners.I downloaded one puzzel-type game (The Room), and it has been enjoyable as well.


    This is a perfect way to streamline charging your VR items. Charging doesn��t take long at all.