Doja Cat's VR Concert Takes Center Stage In Meta Horizon Worlds

Doja Cat's VR Concert Takes Center Stage In Meta Horizon Worlds

Have you ever imagined attending a Doja Cat concert without leaving your house? Well, get ready to transform that dream into reality as we introduce you to the story of an extraordinary event Doja Cat’s VR Concert, a trailblazing experience that enables you to enjoy front-section seating at the Scarlet Tour without having to leave your home.

Doja Cat's VR Concert in Meta Horizon Worlds' Music Valley

Meta Horizon Worlds' Music Valley serves as the exclusive venue for Doja Cat's Scarlet Tour in VR, promising an immersive and unforgettable experience for fans around the globe. Imagine witnessing the sold-out Detroit stop of Doja Cat's debut arena tour right from your living room. The VR concert captures the essence of The Scarlet Tour, featuring chart-toppers like “Paint the Town Red,” “Agora Hills,” and “Woman.”

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Is Doja Cat's VR Concert Truly Live?

One of the burning questions on everyone's mind: Is Doja Cat's VR Concert a live performance? The answer is yes! Experience the dynamic environment of a live concert as it happens right before your eyes. Doja Cat sets on the virtual stage, feeling the energy, excitement, and spontaneity of every moment just as if you were present physically.

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Doja Cat VR Concert Date and Time

Mark your calendar for a musical fairy tale! Doja Cat's VR Concert is set to premiere on Saturday, January 20, at 5:00 pm PT, make sure your schedule is free and you’re ready to be taken into a virtual world where the Scarlet Tour happens. The timing is perfect for an evening of music, entertainment, and the unique experience of a Doja Cat concert like never before.

Doja Cat's VR Concert Replay

Missed the live premiere? No worries. They've got you covered with replay options available in Meta Horizon Worlds. Even if you aren’t able to join on January 20, the concert will still be available for another couple of weeks after the event.

How to Watch Doja Cat's VR Concert

You will need a Meta Quest VR headset. For this reason, if you have no Meta Quest headset yet, think about borrowing or even buying one to get the most out of your experience.

  1. Start your Meta Quest VR headset and ensure that it is connected to a steady internet connection.
  2. Switch to the Meta Horizon Worlds app on your headset.
  3. Once inside Meta Horizon Worlds, explore the Music Valley section, the exclusive venue for Doja Cat's VR Concert.
  4. Look for announcements or schedules related to the Scarlet Tour to find the specific event details.
  5. Take advantage of the RSVP for Doja Cat's VR Concert to ensure you receive notifications and updates about the event.
  6. On the designated date and time, enter Meta Horizon Worlds' Music Valley and navigate to the area where the Doja Cat VR Concert is taking place.

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The Scarlet Tour transforms your living room into a front-row seat, showing that with virtual reality there are no physical boundaries to limit its immersiveness. With Meta Horizon Worlds as the only location, this concert not only promises a new experience for fans but also allows music lovers from all over the world to join a virtual audience and view everything live.

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