The Best VR Movies & Where To Find Them

The Best VR Movies & Where To Find Them

Although VR has been adopted by the gaming world, there is an uncharted collection of must-see VR films just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are a veteran VR aficionado or merely a newbie whose curiosity has been piqued, these essential virtual reality films promise to take you on a trip unlike any other.

List Of The Best VR Movies

1. Wolves in the Walls

Blending films and gaming, the VR cinematic version of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel “Wolves in the Walls” takes place. In this remarkable 40-minute trip, join young Lucy to try and reveal the secrets hidden behind her home’s walls.

2. Dear Angelica

“Dear Angelica”- winner of an Emmy award courtesy Oculus Story Studio is a mesmerizing journey to captivating imaginary and fantastical realms of the past. Entirely hand-painted in the VR environment, this film you must see is a memory tapestry starring Geena Davis and Mae Whitman.

3. The Invisible Hours

"The Invisible Hours” is a complex VR murderer mystery that allows the player to weave around an intricate web of interlaced stories through a large, old house. Tequila Works is the author of this narration which serves as a prelude to an extremely absorbing VR film.

4. The Great C

“The Great C” is written as a frightening story after an impending catastrophe based on Philip K Dick’s short fiction. This must-watch VR film with a gripping plot, spectacular locations, and powerful score takes you through a 30+ mins journey that redefines the boundaries of VR storytelling.

5. Spheres

The three-part series titled “Spheres” executive produced by Darren Aronofsky & Ari Handel takes you through the far ends of our universe. Developed with 360-degree sound and visuals, aired breath-taking epic narrated by Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain, and Patti Smith focuses on the secret sounds that give life to our world.

6. Vader Immortal

Combining the worlds of a VR game and a cinematographic adventure, “Vader Immortal” is an immersive experience that will appeal to fans of virtual reality in movies. This VR series, produced by ILM and directed by Ben Snow, takes you through different encounters with Darth Vader in a new Star Wars trilogy.

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7. The Limit

Robert Rodriguez was the director of “The Limit,” a VR movie that he wrote and filmed with his son. In this game white-knuckle action adventure you play a leading role as a renegade agent endeavoring to destroy an enigmatic and ruthless enterprise.

8. Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

This four-part special film brings you above the clouds and alongside the team members of the International Space Station. Filmed over two years with unparalleled access, "The ISS Experience" provides a deeply personal glimpse into the exhilaration, awe, and perils of life amidst the stars.

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9. Battlescar

In this three-part animated VR film featuring Rosario Dawson, the world of grungy punk music is embodied in your eardrums. Set in New York City in 1978, this VR film takes you into the grungy world of two teenage runaways. Selected at Sundance, Tribeca, Venice International, and Annecy Film Festival.

10. Allumette

“Allumette” is a 20-minute animated VR movie that tells a touching story of love, sacrifice, and an all-powerful mother-daughter relationship. Not quite a homage to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl,” this powerful VR movie investigates the capacity of storytelling in these new virtual reality worlds.

Where to Watch VR Movies

Discovering must-watch VR films involves navigating the diverse landscape of platforms that cater to virtual reality enthusiasts. For Meta Quest users seeking immersive cinematic experiences, several platforms offer a curated selection of VR films, including:

  1. Steam
  2. Meta
  3. Google Spotlight Stories

What Sets VR Movies Apart?

VR movies take inspiration from traditional film and television but infuse their unique spin, often requiring audience interaction for full immersion. Visualize not the passive viewer of a scene, but an agent that shapes the narrative.

As opposed to 360-degree videos where you see things from various angles, VR films lure you in the story. It is a break with the known, and it ventures into new territory where spectators and protagonists intermingle.

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VR Movies vs. 360-Degree Videos

Although they both belong to the same category of immersion, VR movies and 360-degree videos provide unique experiences. The former goes beyond panoramic visuals, demanding your engagement with characters and storylines, creating a more dynamic and personalized encounter.

The latter, while visually expansive, limits interaction, providing a passive observation of surroundings. It's this interactive element that differentiates the best VR experiences from conventional cinematic offerings.

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How Live-Action VR Movies Are Made

When it comes to animated VR movies, the process takes on a more intricate form, sharing commonalities with video games. Many creators harness the power of game engines to craft these VR cinematic experiences. Game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity act as comprehensive platforms equipped with the right set of tools and APIs that help convert creative visions into attractive animated universes.

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Through the world of virtual reality, Meta Quest opens doors to unprecedented tales of storytelling and users can get the best VR movies that change how they see cinema and experience it. With a broad spectrum of must-see VR films encompassing different genres and storytelling techniques, Meta Quest allows users to embark on a cinematic journey that surpasses standardized watching.

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