Meta Quest 3's Top 6 Sci-Fi Game Picks (2024)

Meta Quest 3's Top 6 Sci-Fi Game Picks (2024)

One of the coolest things about Meta Quest 3 would be its variety of sci-fi games and the possibilities for developers to unleash their creativity and give us wonderful and engaging VR experiences. Whether you're teaming up with other players to overcome interplanetary difficulties or engaging in exciting multiplayer competitions, Meta Quest 3 will bring people together in a new and unique way.

1. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

This game will transport players into the role of a captain piloting their vessel during fast-action space combat and alien encounters. The game design of Ghost Signal employs a combination of action, tactics, and roguelite gameplay features to create a versatile set of challenges for the player.

2. Bulletstorm VR

Bulletstorm VR revolves around the rhythmic sequence of first-person shooting, finesse movement, and well-coordinated combat maneuvers. The game puts you in a non-stop first-person shooter action scene with the addition of VR technology that gives you an unforgettable VR experience filled with extremely intense fights and high-grade weapons.

3. Journey to Foundation

In Journey to Foundation, the players are agents from the Commission of Public Safety who are assigned the responsibility of ensuring discipline and peace in the Galactic Empire. What begins as a routine mission to investigate deserters quickly spirals into a comedic odyssey filled with unexpected twists and turns.

4. Red Matter 2

With Red Matter 2, the gamer is presented as an adventure traveler who is journeying through the cosmos in search of the hidden secrets and answers to the enigmatic mysteries. They probe through a variety of alien environments and discover the mysteries of the universe while solving challenging puzzles, looking for fragments of artifacts, and confronting the dangers hidden at the heart of infinity.

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5. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Armed only with the Sonic Screwdriver, the players will have to prove their worth as they traverse through time and space, solving brain-teasing puzzles and facing off against the infamous monsters from the Doctor Who universe against all odds. Its gameplay unites exploration, puzzle-solving, and fast-paced action, giving the players the opportunity to solve different kinds of challenges.

6. Republique VR

Through the course of the game, players will guide Hope to hidden passages, beyond the watchful eyes of security cameras, and undermine enemy patrols to unveil the oppressive authoritarian’s even darker secrets. These could be such as hacking into the surveillance network employed by the government, and making tactical calls so as to take out enemies without being detected. The outcome of the story would be dictated by the decisions you make at each level.

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The VR top sci-fi games for Quest 3 are like no other currently available in the market because they offer much more immersive and entertaining experiences through exciting plotlines and excellent gameplay experiences. As shown by Quest 3, these games using the most advanced technology of that time will take gamers to the next level of involvement so they can experience and enjoy the most extreme adventures of their life.

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