Must-Try Meta Quest 3 Games for Beginners

Must-Try Meta Quest 3 Games for Beginners

The Meta Quest 3 is a perfect gateway for beginners who may not be able to get the best from the more expensive VR equipment but find pleasure in the resources of the VR world. In this guide, we will explore these only must-have VR games and content specifically designed for first-time users on the Meta Quest 3.

Lone Echo 2

The game's environments are vast in scope, with stunning complexity that captivates players at every turn. The Biomass, a central element in the game, is a visual spectacle, flooding through corridors and floors with a level of detail that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

Each bulb in the sprawling sea of infection, down to the tiniest sphere on a control panel, is meticulously crafted, showcasing the developers' dedication to creating a visually rich and immersive experience.

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Vader Immortal

Placed before the events that happened in A New Hope and after The Empire Strikes Back, Vader Immortal undoes itself as a narrative campaign veering more toward an interactive movie than the usual game. This storytelling narrative is especially helpful to VR beginners on the Meta Quest 3 who are still unaccustomed to the VR system.

The campaign is split across three purchasable chapters, offering a few hours of engaging gameplay, while the dojo mode adds longevity to the experience. In the dojo, players are challenged to wield a lightsaber and employ force powers to defeat waves of enemies within a set time limit, providing a thrilling and interactive Star Wars combat experience.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect does not vary much from the core gameplay that has enamored numerous audiences over the years. Nevertheless, this is an entirely new dimension of pleasure since the game has become a VR environment.

This game is a great way to introduce any newcomer to the world of VR and while doing so, it provides a recognizable gameplay structure that creates a sense of comfort while offering a strikingly mesmerizing visual and audial journey.

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Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf mirrors the spirit of a well-made mini-golf course, breathing life into each course with playfulness and a challenge to be imposed on people. The players get entertained by the four different types of courses with 18 holes where a player is given the best view of the landscape and then plays.

The controls are easy to understand even for newbies, so they can only enjoy the game without strain as if they were physically doing aerial stunts with a putter. The first characteristic that makes Walkabout Mini Golf a great choice for a Quest 3 beginner is the relaxed environment in the program. 

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Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush puts players into a three-dimensional space with the absence of anything while providing them with the opportunity to try drawing and animating objects. Because of the intuitive nature of the control system, users can dive into it right away and find a great deal of pleasure, which makes it an ideal solution for beginners in VR.

The impressive scalability of Tilt Brush alone makes it an attractive option even for complete beginners who are experimenting with virtual artwork for the first time – from microscopic, minuscule designs to enormous, immersive works of art. This functionality not only ensures the diversity of artistry from low or high users but also guarantees an outlet for self-expression in this virtual environment.

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Pistol Whip

Bearing as little as a single pistol, an unlimited amount of ammo, and a point-down-to-reload mechanism, Pistol Whip keeps control simple for newbies so that they can concentrate on the rhythmic elements of the activity. The underlying idea is rhythmic gunning so that while shooting enemies in your line of sight, you can stay within the song’s beat – it’s like dancing.

The incorporation of melee strikes, where players can whack enemies with the gun, adds a dynamic and physical element to the experience, making Pistol Whip an accessible and entertaining choice for beginners on the Meta Quest 3.


At first glance, Moss may appear akin to traditional flat-screen platformers, but its VR implementation adds a layer of immersion and interaction that sets it apart. The game places players in a top-down perspective, positioning them as an observer in the heart of each environment, creating an intimate and engaging connection with the protagonist, the adventurous mouse named Quill.

This approach ensures that Moss can be comfortably enjoyed from a stationary, seated position, making it an ideal choice for beginners still acclimating to the Meta Quest 3.

Phantom: Covert Ops

While the general setup of Phantom: Covert Ops may place players in the shoes of a specialized military operative, what sets it apart is the unconventional setting of a tactical kayak. This unexpected mode of transportation may seem unconventional, but it serves as a clever mechanic that works in favor of newer players who might not yet be ready for potentially nausea-inducing full-directional movement.

The seated position within the kayak provides a stable and controlled environment, making it an ideal choice for those still acclimating to the immersive world of the Meta Quest 3.

Robo Recall

What makes Robo Recall particularly suitable for beginners is its emphasis on physical action and highly interactive gameplay. The Meta Quest 3's touch controllers allow players to engage in highly physical combat, offering a range of ways to dispatch the malfunctioning robots.

Whether you're grabbing, throwing, or shooting, the game's responsiveness to your movements adds a layer of immersion that makes the learning curve enjoyable for newcomers.

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From the visually stunning landscapes of Lone Echo 2 to the rhythmic action of Robo Recall, these must-have VR games for first-time VR users showcase a diverse range of genres, ensuring that there's something for every beginner's preference.

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