Apple Vision Pro Release Date & Pre-Order Date Confirmed

Apple Vision Pro Release Date & Pre-Order Date Confirmed

The official release date of Apple Vision Pro and also the pre-order details have been finally confirmed as a highly awaited moment in the tech world by fans and users. Join us as we explore the behind-the-scenes details about when and how to preorder Apple Vision Pro, giving you an insider’s first look into what will soon be the next generation of consumer electronics.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

The big moment we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner – February 2nd, when Apple will officially release its Vision Pro. As the excitement grows, Apple has made it possible for eager customers to get their hands on a piece of the future by taking pre-orders as early as January 19th.

For those who would like to be among the pioneers using this mixed-reality device, pre-order starts from January 19th at 5 a.m PST via the Apple US online store.

This strategic move by Apple allows consumers to reserve their Apple Vision Pro ahead of the official release, ensuring they don't miss out on the chance to be part of the next big leap in spatial computing.

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Apple Vision Pro Price

The launch price for the Apple Vision Pro model will be $3,499 (US) for the model equipped with 256GB of storage. This pricing makes the device become a high-end offering with such advanced technology and innovative features that can be found in this spatial computing powerhouse.

The Vision Pro Experience

The Vision Pro is not your ordinary headset; it's a spatial computer powered by visionOS, a groundbreaking operating system built on decades of Apple's engineering innovation. This system lays the foundation for powerful spatial experiences that unlock new possibilities both at work and at home.

Intuitive Controls

Navigating the Vision Pro is a magical experience, thanks to its three-dimensional user interface and input system controlled entirely by a user's eyes, hands, and voice. Imagine interacting with apps by merely looking at them, tapping fingers to select, flicking wrists to scroll, or using virtual keyboards for typing. With Siri integration, users can seamlessly open or close apps, play media, and more, all through intuitive gestures.

One standout feature is the introduction of Environments, dynamic landscapes like national parks and even the moon. Users can immerse themselves in these environments to enhance focus or reduce clutter in busy spaces. With a simple twist of the Digital Crown, users gain control over their level of presence in these captivating landscapes.

The Vision Pro also changes how users interact with apps, breaking free from the confines of traditional displays. Apps can coexist side by side at any scale, providing the ultimate workspace and an infinite canvas for multitasking and collaboration. With over a million familiar apps available on Vision Pro, users can explore a new dimension of spatial computing experiences.

The Apple Vision Pro From Productivity to Entertainment

With key productivity and collaboration apps like Fantastical, Freeform, JigSpace, Microsoft 365, and Slack, Apple Vision Pro becomes an ideal companion for everyday tasks. The three-dimensional interface allows these apps to coexist side by side at any scale, providing the ultimate workspace for incredible multitasking.

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Supported by the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, users can curate their perfect workspace, and with the Mac Virtual Display, the capabilities of a Mac can be brought into the Vision Pro, creating a private and portable 4K display.

Ultimate Entertainment Experience

For entertainment enthusiasts, the Vision Pro features ultra-high-resolution displays that surpass even 4K TVs, offering a visual feast for each eye. Users can dive into a cinematic experience by watching movies and TV shows from Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, and more.

The Apple TV app provides access to over 150 3D titles with incredible depth and supports HDR content. Vision Pro introduces Apple Immersive Video, a new entertainment format that immerses users in 180-degree, three-dimensional 8K recordings with Spatial Audio.

New Gaming Worlds

Gaming on Vision Pro takes a leap into the future with access to games on the App Store, including over 250 titles on Apple Arcade. Popular titles like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition and Sonic Dream Team can be played on a screen as large as desired, complete with incredible audio and support for popular game controllers.

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Capturing Memories in Spatial

Vision Pro enables users to capture and relive memories in an entirely new dimension. Spatial photos provide a unique perspective, making the experience incredibly immersive. The combination of captivating visuals and spatial audio creates a multisensory experience that brings memories to life in a way that goes beyond traditional photos and videos.

For those moments on the move, Vision Pro allows users to capture spatial videos using their iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max. These videos can then be seamlessly relived on Vision Pro, offering a life-size scale view with brilliant color and spectacular detail. Panoramas, in particular, expand and wrap around the user, making them feel as if they are right back where the photo or video was taken.

Face-to-Face in Virtual Reality

FaceTime also takes on a whole new dimension with Vision Pro. The spatial computing aspect of the device ensures that everyone on a FaceTime call appears life-size. Spatial Audio contributes to the illusion, making it sound like each person's voice comes from the location of their tile.

Users wearing Vision Pro during a FaceTime call appear as their Persona, offering an authentic spatial representation that showcases facial expressions and hand movements in real time.

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As the Apple Vision Pro hits the shelves on February 2, 2024, it indicates a future where spatial computing takes center stage, promising a transformative and magical user experience.

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