How To Install App Lab Games On Your Quest 2

How To Install App Lab Games On Your Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 opens the gateway to a rich universe of immersive games and applications. While the Oculus Store serves as the primary avenue for discovering new content, there exists an intriguing alternative that brings a new dimension to your virtual reality experience called the App Lab.

What Is App Lab?

App Lab, introduced by Meta in February 2021, serves as a gateway to a host of captivating games and apps. Diverging from the strict curation of the Oculus Store, App Lab offers a more diverse array of content. While some titles might test the boundaries of stability, they bring an adventurous spirit that resonates with the VR community.

To access App Lab content, users typically need to go through a process called "sideloading," which involves installing apps from sources other than the Oculus Store. While sideloading can be a bit more technical compared to installing apps directly from the Oculus Store, it provides users with the opportunity to explore a diverse range of experiences that might not meet the strict guidelines of the official store.

App Lab Dynamics

If you're used to the Oculus Store's familiar storefront, adjusting to App Lab's individualistic approach may take a moment. Each App Lab game possesses its URL listing, offering developers the freedom to distribute content in their chosen manner. Once you've acquired an App Lab URL, you're primed to dive into this unique selection.

However, here's where SideQuest shines as your guiding light. By providing a streamlined gateway to App Lab content, SideQuest simplifies the process of discovery and installation. Through SideQuest's platform, you can explore, choose, and install App Lab games that resonate with your interests, all while enjoying a more familiar storefront experience.

Steps In Installing Quest 2 Games Via App Lab

  1. Once you've discovered a game that piques your interest, follow these steps to set sail on your quest:
  2. Locate the "Download App (Oculus)" button next to the game's title.
  3. Ensure your Meta account is active and click the blue download button.
  4. Open the Oculus mobile app and head to your library by tapping the book icon.
  5. Discover the game you've chosen from the App Lab.
  6. Opt for "Install on Headset," securing your place among the ranks of official Oculus Quest games.

Best Quest 2 Games On App Lab

1. Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack is a free multiplayer shooter available on Oculus Store. It's similar to Counter-Strike and has its own VR mechanics. Players can create custom content, maps, and game modes. It's popular and free, making it a good choice if you want a military shooter experience without spending money.

2. Deisim

Deisim lets you play as a god who helps a civilization grow. You provide materials and land for them to progress. It's like classic civilization-building games but simpler. As you give more things, the cities become more advanced, moving from the stone age to the industrial revolution.

3. Puzzling Places

In Puzzling Places, you solve jigsaw puzzles with 3D models created using real places. There are different levels of puzzles, and each piece is part of a place like a castle or a monastery. It's a bit like putting together a puzzle but with real places you can explore.

Best Quest 2 Accessories:

1. ZyberVR 3-in-1 Multipurpose Handles for Quest 2


2. ZyberVR Meta Quest Pro Game Extension Handles


App Lab has opened a door to a diverse range of experiences that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're seeking intense multiplayer battles, creative world-building, mind-bending puzzles, or light-hearted fun, the App Lab games mentioned here deliver a taste of what the VR world has to offer.

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