Top 9 VR Games For Apple Vision Pro (2024)

Top 9 VR Games For Apple Vision Pro (2024)

Compared to other VR gadgets out there, like Quest, Apple Vision Pro has its own style. Instead of using special controllers, you get to use your hands and fingers to control the action. This also means some games might feel a bit different since they're designed for this unique setup.

1. Game Room

Game Room offers players a variety of classic tabletop games reimagined for the virtual world. Players can enjoy six different games, each with its own set of rules and challenges. One of the highlights of Game Room is its versatility when it comes to gameplay modes. Players can choose to challenge friends and family in online multiplayer matches or go head-to-head against AI opponents.

2. Soul Spire

Unlike traditional puzzle games, Soul Spire offers a straightforward premise that gradually builds up the challenge. As players progress through the game, they'll encounter increasingly complex puzzles and obstacles that require careful planning and strategy. With recent quality-of-life adjustments and the addition of Panic Mode, which ups the challenge as blocks continue cascading down, the game offers a fresh and exciting experience for players.

3. What the Golf?

What the Golf? is all about flinging objects across a course using hand gestures. Players pinch and pull back their hand to aim and release to putt, sending everything from golf balls to cars flying towards the tee. With each level presenting new and unexpected challenges, What the Golf? offers a fresh and unpredictable gameplay experience that keeps players on their toes.

4. LEGO Builder's Journey

LEGO Builder's Journey is all about solving puzzles and building intricate structures using LEGO bricks. Players are tasked with placing bricks across miniature dioramas to overcome challenges and progress through the game's atmospheric narrative. In addition to its main campaign, LEGO Builder's Journey also features a Creative Mode that allows players to unleash their imagination and build their own LEGO creations.

5. Synth Riders

Players use hand gestures to interact with the game world, hitting notes as they fly towards them. With a diverse selection of songs and music packs, Synth Riders offers a rich and varied gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more. Players can also choose to dance in their own living room or transport themselves to a virtual dance floor, complete with dazzling lights and pulsating visuals.


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6. Jetpack Joyride 2

Jetpack Joyride 2 is all about simple, intuitive controls that anyone can pick up and play. Players use hand gestures to control their jetpack, flying through the air and dodging obstacles with precision and skill. Along the way, they can collect power-ups and upgrades to enhance their jetpack and increase their chances of survival.

7. Proton Pulse Vision

Inspired by retro favorites like Pong and Breakout, Proton Pulse Vision puts a futuristic twist on the familiar formula. Players control a paddle using their head movements, deflecting a ball towards blocks on the other side of the playfield. With over 50 levels and boss battles to conquer, Proton Pulse Vision offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience for players of all skill levels.

8. Super Fruit Ninja

One of the standout features of Super Fruit Ninja on Apple Vision Pro is its immersive environments and interactive elements. Players find themselves surrounded by 3D elements in their real space, including flying fruit and other objects. Additionally, players can interact with the virtual environment by tapping on objects like weird old men or wandering pigs, adding an extra layer of fun to the gameplay experience.

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9. Void-X

Void-X is all about simple, straightforward fun. There's no elaborate backstory, no complex dialogue, just pure arcade action. Players control a spaceship and maneuver through waves of enemies, dodging bullets and blasting foes with precision and skill. Additionally, the game window floats in the player's space, surrounded by cool 3D pixel effects like fireworks.

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Each game offers its own distinct gameplay mechanics, immersive environments, and challenges, providing players with endless opportunities for entertainment and excitement. As the platform continues to evolve and new games are developed, we can expect to see even more exciting and immersive experiences on Apple Vision Pro.

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