Best 3D Printed VR Accessories For Quest 3 With Download Links

Best 3D Printed VR Accessories For Quest 3 With Download Links

As VR enthusiasts know, the joy of virtual reality goes beyond the digital realm. The physical comfort and functionality of your VR setup are equally important. This is where the magic of 3D printing shines. Armed with a 3D printer and a sprinkle of imagination, you can produce accessories that align perfectly with your tastes, transforming your Quest 3 into not just a gateway to virtual realms but also an embodiment of your unique character.

Meta Quest 3 3D Printed Headset And Controller Stand/Wall Mounts

1. Derpy Robot Oculus Meta Quest VR Headset Stand

Maker: swirlingbrain

Download Link:

Perfect for Meta Quest VR headsets, including the Quest 3, this stand is not just functional but also customizable. The clever design allows for assembly and supergluing of its parts, offering flexibility for different headsets.

Its playful aesthetic is sure to delight, and it even features rings for your controllers, keeping everything neatly organized. You can find the download link to craft your very own Derpy Robot headset stand and add a unique touch to your Quest 3 setup.

2. Meta Quest 3 Wall Mount

Maker: 10P6

Download Link:

If you prefer a more minimalist approach to storing your Meta Quest 3 VR headset, the Meta Quest 3 Wall Mount by 10P6 might be your ideal choice. It's a simple yet effective wall mount designed specifically for the Quest 3. The design has been optimized for easy 3D printing and mounting on a wall stud using sheet rock or drywall screws.

With a built-in hook for your USB-C cable, this mount keeps your headset both accessible and safe. Before installation, remember to be cautious and ensure it's securely attached to the wall. Download this practical wall mount to enhance the organization and accessibility of your Quest 3 headset.

3. Meta Quest 3 Controller Wall Mount With Stapler Or Screws

Maker: CyberCyclist

Download Link:

This wall mount is specifically designed for Meta Quest 3 controllers (Touch Plus) and provides flexibility in how it's secured. You can use mini stapler needles (#10) to fix the mount parts on drywall or plasterboard. Additionally, CyberCyclist has also designed an alternative model for use with M4 screws, although this design hasn't been tested.

4. Quest 3 Touch Controller Wall Mount

Maker: Bengyboo

Download Link:

This design offers a bespoke fit for Quest 3 controllers, ensuring they won't slip out or get damaged. It's essential to note that this mount is specifically designed for Quest 3 controllers and won't fit Quest 1 or 2 controllers due to their distinct designs.

Bengyboo provides two versions: one with a screw mount, recommended for added security, and another with a double-sided tape mount, offering an alternative for those who can't or prefer not to drill into walls. These mounts are created with settings like a layer height of 0.20mm, three walls, 20% infill, and brims. While minimal support is required for the ends of the arms, it's advisable to enable supports for optimal results.

Meta Quest 3 3D Printed Lens Adapters

1. Meta Quest 3 Prescription Lens Adapter

Maker: exp300

Download Link:

The Meta Quest 3 Prescription Lens Adapter, crafted by exp300, is your solution for personalized vision correction in the virtual world. Designed to accommodate standard single vision lenses for the Zenni #550021 frame, this adapter is tailored for users with an IPD (Interpupillary Distance) of 66mm. Say goodbye to blurred visuals and discomfort; this adapter allows you to enjoy VR with the visual precision you need.

2. Quest 3 Magnetic Lens Adapter

Maker: beefsmoke

Download Link:

If you've previously printed a lens holder for Quest 2, you can easily adapt it for use on the Quest 3 with this accessory. The design allows for simple lens replacement, and you can print it with just 20% infill for a lightweight but effective solution. Ensure you maintain visual clarity and comfort throughout your VR adventures with this handy magnetic lens adapter.

Meta Quest 3 3D Printed Face Covers

1. Meta (Oculus) Quest 3 Interface with VENTS

Maker: SeaTex

Download Link:

Crafted by SeaTex, this face cover for the Meta Quest 3 features a thoughtful design with ventilation to ensure comfort during extended VR sessions. The unique S-shaped channel allows air to flow both from the top and bottom, effectively blocking out light leaks. Whether you're diving into action-packed games or exploring virtual worlds, this face cover aims to provide you with a breathable and comfortable experience.

2. Meta Quest 3 Face Cover (Forehead Portion Only)

Maker: ondorela

Download Link:

By bringing the cover close to the lenses, it minimizes the need for glasses, although it's recommended to use a lens adapter if you have poor eyesight. Once printed, attaching Velcro tape ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a customized and snug face cover for your Quest 3.

3. Meta Quest 3 Face Cover V3

Maker: furryWallpaper

Download Link:

The cover offers multiple hand positions, making it versatile for various activities in the virtual world, from Beat Saber to golf and fishing games. With a secure single lock pin, you can trust that this face cover will stay in place during your VR adventures.

Meta Quest 3 3D Printed Handles

1. Quest 3 Tennis Table Adapter

Maker: NicoConex

Download Link: 

The adapter ensures a secure and comfortable grip for your Quest 3 controllers while playing table tennis in games like Eleven Table Tennis VR. To assemble the adapter, you'll need M4 screws, inserts for the screws, and some glue to fix the racket and the two handle halves together. You can also adjust and align the adapter within the game for precise gameplay.

2. Quest 3 - Table Tennis Adapter (Sanlaki)

Maker: sanlaki

Download Link: 

You'll need an M5 nut and an M5 (20mm) thumbscrew to secure the controller in place. The design is customizable, allowing you to choose your preferred print settings. Whether you're a table tennis pro or just starting, this adapter is designed to provide you with the best VR table tennis experience.

3. Saber Handles for Quest 3

Maker: Nelmo

Download Link:

These handles are perfect for games like Beat Saber, golf games such as Walkabout Mini Golf, and fishing games like Real VR Fishing. The handles come with a quick attach/detach mechanism and offer multiple hand positions. You can even add straps to them for a secure grip.

Note that the provided STL files are for the right handle, but you can mirror them to get the left handle. Designed for PLA prints on Ender 3, these handles ensure that you have a solid and comfortable grip for your VR adventures.

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With the versatility afforded by 3D printing, individuals can take customization to a whole new level, ensuring that these accessories not only serve their intended functions but also become distinctively personalized. The dedication of these innovators in not only crafting but also freely distributing their designs, as well as fostering collaboration within the VR community, is a testament to the harmonious and cooperative nature that flourishes in the realm of virtual reality.