17 Best Free Quest 2 Games (2024)

17 Best Free Quest 2 Games (2024)

While Meta Quest 2 has an extensive library of paid software, there are also a lot of fantastic free Quest 2 games that cater to both solo players and multiplayer enthusiasts. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best Quest 2 games for free that will elevate your VR gaming experience.

1. Ultimechs

Imagine stepping onto a grassy field inside a mechanized suit, ready to score goals just like in Rocket League. That's precisely what Ultimechs offers. Engage in 1v1 or 2v2 battles where you'll attempt to knock the ball out of the sky with your mechanized fists, all while fully immersed in the virtual playfield. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping matches that combine strategy and action.

2. Blaston


In Blaston, you got to keep on moving non-stop in epic battles against other players. It's like a super competitive game where you dodge bullets like a champ, just like in intense boxing matches. You can choose from lots of different guns and add cool stuff to them, making each duel really exciting.

3. Mission: ISS: Quest


While not your typical VR game, Mission: ISS: Quest offers a remarkable space simulation experience. Imagine suiting up like an astronaut and floating in zero gravity on the International Space Station. It's like a space adventure where you do spacewalks and even dock a space capsule! It's a unique and awe-inspiring VR adventure that simulates space exploration like never before.

4. Gun Raiders

Gun Raiders is all about the fast action you find in multiplayer shooters, but in VR! You can choose from different game modes like "Assault," "Control," "Free-for-All," and "Team Deathmatch." Brace yourself for some thrilling action!

5. Elixir


Elixir places you in the shoes of an apprentice sorceress tasked with overseeing mythical creatures and managing a bustling alchemy lab. Dive into a medieval fantasy world filled with magical concoctions and mythical beasts. This game offers a unique and engaging VR experience that will test your alchemical skills.

6. Maestro: The Masterclass


Take center stage as a conductor in Maestro: The Masterclass and lead a symphonic concert featuring music from various genres, including Electro, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Use your hands to control tempo, cue musicians, and guide crescendos in this immersive rhythm game. It's a fantastic VR experience for music enthusiasts and rhythm game lovers.

7. Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!


For those who love J-Pop concerts, Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat! offers an exhilarating VR rhythm game. Enjoy the energetic performances of Kizuna AI or become an active participant as music blocks descend, and you knock them down with your sabers. Immerse yourself in the world of catchy tunes and colorful visuals.

8. Gym Class Basketball

Experience the thrill of shooting hoops in VR with Gym Class Basketball. Test your shooting, passing, and dribbling skills on digital courts from around the world. Whether you prefer solo play or multiplayer competition, this VR basketball game offers an exciting and immersive sports simulator experience.

9. Vegas Infinite


Vegas Infinite allows you to enjoy the casino experience in virtual reality. Play Texas Hold'em, blackjack, roulette, slots, and craps against other live players. It's a social VR game that captures the essence of casino gambling without the risk of real money wagering.

10. Gorilla Tag


Remember the childhood game of tag? Gorilla Tag brings it to VR with a unique twist. Have colorful gorilla skins and engage in wild chases as you tag other players or try to avoid being tagged. With various game variations, including traditional tag and team-based modes, there's never a dull moment in Gorilla Tag.

11. Bait!


Enjoy a day of fishing in the comfort of VR with Bait! Explore eight different biomes in a digital world, each teeming with over 60 types of fish. Compete with friends in multiplayer sessions and use various fishing equipment to reel in your catch. Bait! offers a relaxing and enjoyable fishing experience in VR.

12. Gravity Sketch


Gravity Sketch is a haven for artists and creators. Enter a virtual studio where you can use an intuitive 3D creation tool to bring your ideas to life. Collaborate with friends and brainstorm together while creating 3D models. It's a versatile and collaborative artistic platform in VR.

13. Hibow


Hibow introduces the Battle Royale genre to VR with a unique twist – futuristic bows and arrows. Engage in thrilling battles using explosive and blinding arrows as you compete in various game modes and seasonal leagues. Dive into the action and experience the excitement of VR Battle Royale.

14. Rec Room


Rec Room offers a diverse range of activities within a social VR platform. Engage in mini-games, quests, and creative endeavors. Customize your avatar and explore user-generated content, making it a hub for social interaction and entertainment in VR.

15. VRChat


VRChat is a virtual social hub where you can interact with a diverse community of users and engage in various activities, including games inspired by popular titles like Among Us and Mario Kart. Create and customize your avatar, explore virtual worlds, and make new friends in this vibrant social VR platform.

16. Pavlov Shack Beta


Pavlov Shack Beta delivers the intensity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in VR. Practice your aim, engage in training sessions, and participate in 5v5 firefights with a variety of weapons at your disposal. Achieving that crucial kill feels incredibly satisfying in this fast-paced shooter.

17. Population: One


Population: One is a super popular battle royale game in VR. Imagine climbing, flying, shooting, and teaming up with your buddies in a game that's absolutely free. Want to jazz up your look with some cool outfits? You can, but it's optional. Plus, there are tons of game modes to dive into, including custom maps and team deathmatches.

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5. ZyberVR Quest 2 Prescription Lenses



VR has never been more accessible, thanks to these free gems that elevate your Quest 2 gaming experience. As the VR landscape continues to evolve, keep an eye on the Meta Quest store for new additions to the free games library. The journey is bound to expand, offering even more opportunities to explore, create, and connect in the captivating world of virtual reality.

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