How To Get Long Arms In Gorilla Tag

How To Get Long Arms In Gorilla Tag


Imagine having super long arms that help you run faster, jump higher, and climb with ease. In the VR game Gorilla Tag, longer arms aren't just cool – they give you a real advantage. Whether you're a pro player looking for an edge or a newbie wanting to level up, learning how to make your arms longer can make this VR game way more fun. 

Ways In Getting Gorilla Tag Long Arms

Here are three ways to get the long arms in the game:

Method 1 - Get Gorilla Tag Long Arm Accessories

The simplest way to extend your reach in Gorilla Tag is by using specialized accessories such as the ZyberVR Dual Handles Extension Grips. You can make your arms longer, granting you access to previously unreachable heights and giving you a strategic advantage over your opponents.


Method 2 - Set it in the Steam VR

If you are using Steam VR, please follow the steps below:

  • Pull up the Steam Menu when you are in the game.
  • Go to Settings, then press show.
  • Afterward, go to the Video part of the Settings menu.
  • A dialog box called “Manage Video Settings For” will open.
  • Look for the Override World Scale setting at the bottom and change it to Normal.
  • You will see a draggable scale below the Override World Scale setting. Turn it down to 50% to get the long arms in Gorilla Tag. For short arms, you can drag the the scale to the opposite side but there is not much sense in doing so.
  • Method 3 - Set it in the VR headset

    If you are using a Meta Quest 2 or another VR headset, hold your controller and stick your controller like the photo below. You could also adjust the arm length which would be a lot helpful when branching.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1. What are "long arms" in Gorilla Tag?

    Gorilla Tag long arms refer to a phenomenon where a player's in-game character appears to have disproportionately long arms. This can be achieved through certain gameplay techniques and is not a built-in feature of the game.

    2. How can I get long arms in SideQuest Gorilla Tag?

    Achieving long arms in SideQuest Gorilla Tag typically involves modifying the game or using unofficial mods or tools. These modifications can create the appearance of longer arms for your character.

    3. Do long arms affect other players' experiences in Gorilla Tag?

    Long arms are generally a humorous and harmless visual quirk that can amuse other players. They do not impact gameplay mechanics so they are unlikely to affect other players' experiences negatively.

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