How To Choose A Suitable VR Face Cover for your Oculus Quest 2

How To Choose A Suitable VR Face Cover for your Oculus Quest 2

As you may known, the original Oculus Quest 2 foam face pad is sweat absorbing and has sweat stains after usage. What is more, many people are allergic to the original face pad of Oculus Quest 2. Oculus company once recalled the Quest 2 to replace the face pads with silicon ones. On the other side, the alternative third-party face covers have more features to upgrade your comfort like wide choices of pad thickness and nose shape; the improved air venting to prevent lens fogging; selective materials of soft tactile and easier cleaning. So buying a quality VR face cover is a good investment of your Oculus Quest 2 Headset.

Factors To Consider In Choosing A Suitable VR Face Cover For Your Quest 2

1. Material

High-quality materials help making an excellent VR face cover. Most common materials are foam, leather, and silicone. Pick the Oculus Quest 2 VR face cover that has been precisely designed to meet your needs. The ZyberVR PU leather face cover is comfort to touch, durable to use, and it has a soft memory foam face pad inside to relieve face pressure.

2. Shape

The frame of the face cover should fit your face shape, and it is better compatible with the original Oculus Quest 2 glass spacer frame. It's important to find the shape that is suitable for your face. ZyberVR’s 6-in-1 PU Leather Face Cover for Oculus Quest 2 has two sizes of silicone nose pads that you can choose from to fit you better and stop light leakage so you can fully immerse yourself in VR games and movies.

Using these kinds of virtual reality accessories will give you a wider view. The stock foam pad and the thin pad both have about the same thickness. The thick pad provides a little bit more comfort, but it also makes wearing glasses more difficult because it narrows the side gap for your face.

3. Comfort

When doing what they love, nobody likes to feel restricted or uncomfortable. Choose a face cover that won't give facial stress after hours of playing VR games because the pads are soft on your face. Additionally, the nose guard should block light, and the vent should keep the headset from fogging up. The easiest way to prevent nose pain is to have a VR face cover that has been expertly fitted for the nose bridge area. The adjustable design is better if you have not only one person using the headset.

4. Breathability

Consider a face cover with a foam pad and breathable holes on the bottom if you plan to do fun VR fitness workouts. This lowers temperatures and enables the sponge to restore more quickly. The strong facial interface's vent design offers greater ventilation and light leakage. The VR glasses won't fog up even after vigorous workouts.

5. Easy to clean

Sharing of VR headsets is a guaranteed method to promote the industry and highlight the advantages of virtual reality to the general public, but this strategy has a significant disadvantage that not many people appear to be aware of: it's extremely unhygienic. The best VR face cover is the one that is easy to clean with wet cloth or any antibacterial hand wipe. Non-abrasive antibacterial wipes are advised, but they might only be able to remove stains from the surface itself and not from the stock foam. For this reason, you could use a face cover made of silicone or PU leather that doesn't absorb anything so that you really can wipe the bacteria off.

As an alternative, you might like to use a disposable VR cover because the material quickly absorbs sweat, reducing messy drips or soaking. You will surely benefit from a cleaner headset with a cover that requires less wiping.

6. Brand

The best option for a VR cover for an Oculus Quest 2 is a brand with top-notch items and exceptional customer service. A good brand will always be ready to respond to your inquiries, address any product problems, or refund your money if any damage is discovered. Good brand products are made with the finest care and precision. Try the VR face covers from ZyberVR if you want to choose a brand you can trust. Your experience with Quest 2 will feel much more natural because to their products' ability to completely immerse you.

7. Price

When purchasing a VR face cover for the Oculus Quest 2, price is a major consideration. There are many alternatives for performance and quality as more businesses enter the VR face cover for Oculus Quest 2 market. The costliest Oculus Quest 2 VR cover may not necessarily be the greatest investment for you and your wallet. Many affordable versions provide outstanding comfort and performance. Not all expensive items are necessarily suitable to your needs. Choose a VR face cover that is affordable but can make you feel comfortable as you play.

8. Design

It's challenging to decide from the amazing VR covers for the Oculus Quest 2 available in the market. Understanding the design might help you make a choice. A product's overall design is influenced by the materials used in its manufacturing, the color palette, and even visual weight. Knowing this might help to find a product that precisely satisfies your preferences and needs.

Product Recommendations

1. ZyberVR 6-in-1 PU Leather Face Cover

This product is best suited for you if you intend to use it for personal use. Its cushions are simple to clean with a damp towel or baby wipes because they won't absorb sweat.


2. ZyberVR Disposable Face Cover

Wearing this sweat-proof disposable VR mask while playing a VR game helps keep your headset clean if you want to share your headset with family and friends while being hygienic.


3. ZyberVR VR Mask Sweat Band

To prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes while playing a fitness game while wearing your headset, you need to consider wearing this sweat guard.



Your final decision will be influenced by each of these factors. Taking into account each one makes sure you got the most value for your money.

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