How To Wear Glasses Appropriately With The Oculus Quest 2

How To Wear Glasses Appropriately With The Oculus Quest 2

If you take your glasses off and can read text and objects at a distance of 6.5ft or 2m in real life, you shouldn't have any issues in VR, according to the general rule.

If you are using a VR headset, you really aren't staring at a screen that is two inches away from your eyes. In most contemporary VR headsets, the lenses in front of your eyes distort the light from the screen so that the real image you witness has a focus distance of around 6.5 feet or 2 meters.

Theoretically, if you can clearly see items at this distance, you can use a VR headset without glasses without experiencing eye fatigue or image quality reduction.

However, keep in mind that every person is unique with their own unique eye shape, problems, and others. While the majority of people might meet this description, it will undoubtedly not work for everyone.

How To Make Quest 2 Headset Fit Comfortably

No matter which VR headset you choose to use, the most important thing to remember is to avoid using it the way most people do. The majority of the time, you'll observe users sliding the headset down like a baseball cap by first positioning the strap's bottom at the back of their heads. But if you wear glasses, this will likely make them hurt considerably more when they hit your face. You should go the other way instead.

1. Bring the strap back over your head just like you would when putting on a pair of swimming goggles.

2. Make sure your eyeglasses fit within the headset and don't slam against the lenses by pressing it on your face first.

3. Then, once it is properly sitting on your head, it is advised to move your glasses a little forward by gently pushing the side of the frames that extend towards your ear.

4. When putting on your VR headset, your glasses will typically be pressed up against your face; however, if you do this, there will be a bit more space to allow for comfort.

5. Lastly, check that neither the headset strap on either side is squeezing your ears or pressing them on your frames.

Recommended Quest 2 Accessories

A glasses spacer is also included in many other VR headsets, including the Quest 2, and Oculus recommends using it with your Quest 2. Simply adding a few millimeters of the distance between your eyeballs as well as the lenses themselves is all it does.

It is also advised to purchase a VR Face Cover in order to make practically any VR headset more comfortable, regardless of whether you wear glasses or not. You may purchase inserts that give more padding to your VR headset's face plate and are simple to wipe clean. These inserts are softer and much more comfortable.

What Is The Best Prescription Glasses For Quest 2?

It's likely that you'll quickly discover that using a VR headset while wearing glasses is neither the most convenient nor the safest option. Fortunately, there are several options from which to choose and one of those is to use prescription lens inserts made specifically for VR headsets.

ZyberVR offers the best prescription glasses for Quest 2. A pair of these prescription lens inserts is your best choice if you are disturbed by the tension and discomfort of wearing a prescription glass.

There are a few considerations to make if you decide to buy a set of prescription lenses for your Quest 2. Choose a pair of lenses that will fit your eyes comfortably first. To find the ideal set of lenses that perform best for you, choose the one with blue light filter.

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