Kayak VR: Mirage VR Game Introduction And Recommended Accessories

Kayak VR: Mirage VR Game Introduction And Recommended Accessories

Kayak VR was created by Better Than Life and was made available in July 2022. The game includes a range of interesting locations to discover, both realistic and fantastical. Paddling mechanics based on physics provide a realistic kayaking experience. There are also numerous alternatives for individuals who easily become seasick.

Graphics And Visuals

The cutting-edge visuals are breathtaking, pushing the boundaries of what virtual reality is capable of. The precise water simulations, including transparency and reflections, fine textures, and the light environment are all great. In addition, the team introduced a tutorial, motion sickness comfort settings, updated graphics, music, and effects, plus fine-tuned the overall paddleboard mechanics.

Gameplay And Concept

The gameplay starts with the player entering the kayak into a shallow pool. This is an ideal practice ground before embarking on a journey to the other locations. Even though the interface is separated into sections, the zones occupy the majority of the screen. This instantly motivates the gamer to select a location and begin having fun.

Paddling mechanics that are physics-based ensure a genuine kayaking experience. There will also be a wide range of choices for those who become seasick.

Kayak VR currently has two gameplay modes: Time Attack and Free Roam. In the Time Attack mode, you will race through some kind of checkpoint course to see who can get the best time from each map. The Free Roam mode will allow you to explore every one of the photo-realistic locations at your own pace, making for a more comfortable experience.


The location seems to be an amazing utopia, featuring golden beaches and greenery. Diverse aquatic life can also be seen swimming around you. It goes well with other locations like canyon exploration as well as arctic adventure.

Its focus on physical, authentic gameplay is also a highlight, with races that need you to learn how to move a kayak in order to achieve mastery. For those who simply wish to look around, there is also an exploring option.

Recommended Accessories

ZyberVR All-In-One Extended Handles feature 3 combination modes and the long handle mode is perfect for playing Kayak VR. It will be 56.7 cm long, which can let you feel like you are holding a real paddle.

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