Top 7 PSVR Games for Kids - Exciting Virtual Adventures and Fun for Young Players

Top 7 PSVR Games for Kids - Exciting Virtual Adventures and Fun for Young Players

Virtual reality gaming offers an immersive and thrilling experience for kids, allowing them to step into virtual worlds and embark on exciting adventures. With the PlayStation VR (PSVR) system, there is a wide range of games specifically designed for younger players. In this article, we will explore some of the best PSVR games for kids, offering fun gameplay, interactive challenges, and captivating virtual environments.

Job Simulator

In Job Simulator, kids can explore various job roles in a whimsical and comical virtual world. From being a chef in a bustling kitchen to playing as an office worker or even a convenience store clerk, each job provides unique gameplay mechanics and tasks. Kids will enjoy interacting with objects, serving customers, and solving entertaining puzzles. The game encourages creativity and imaginative play, making it an excellent choice for young players.

Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR takes the popular mobile game to a whole new level of excitement in virtual reality. Equipped with virtual swords, kids can slice and dice a variety of fruits that are thrown into the air. With fast-paced gameplay and challenging modes, it's a great way for kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and reflexes while having a blast.

Carnival Games VR

Step right up and enjoy the vibrant world of Carnival Games VR. This game brings the classic carnival experience to life, offering a wide range of fun-filled mini-games. From shooting basketballs to knocking down targets with a catapult, kids can engage in friendly competitions and earn tickets to unlock prizes. With colorful graphics and intuitive controls, Carnival Games VR provides an immersive and enjoyable carnival atmosphere.

NVIDIA VR Funhouse

NVIDIA VR Funhouse is a collection of virtual reality minigames designed for kids to have a thrilling and interactive experience. From shooting at targets with bows and arrows to participating in whimsical physics-based challenges, the game offers a variety of exciting activities. With its vibrant visuals and immersive gameplay mechanics, NVIDIA VR Funhouse guarantees hours of fun for young players.

Angry Birds VR

Kids can join the beloved characters in their quest to defeat the mischievous pigs across a range of challenging levels. Using the PlayStation Move controllers, players can aim, launch, and strategize to bring down structures and earn high scores. With its engaging gameplay and familiar characters, Angry Birds VR is a delightful experience for kids.


Squishies takes players on a charming and magical journey through whimsical worlds. In this puzzle-platformer game, kids guide cute creatures called Squishies through various challenges, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles along the way. With its intuitive controls and captivating visuals, Squishies offers an immersive and enjoyable experience for young players.

Beat Saber


Beat Saber combines rhythm-based gameplay with lightsaber-like motions, creating an energetic and exciting experience. Kids can slice through blocks in time with catchy music, enhancing their coordination and reflexes. With its energetic soundtrack and vibrant visuals, Beat Saber provides an exhilarating and engaging gameplay experience.


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With the PlayStation VR system, kids have access to a wide range of enjoyable and age-appropriate games. From exploring virtual job roles in Job Simulator to slicing fruits in Fruit Ninja VR, these PSVR games offer immersive and interactive experiences tailored for younger players. Whether they're solving puzzles, participating in virtual sports, or embarking on magical adventures, these games provide hours of entertainment and contribute to the development of creativity, coordination, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

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