Understanding Player Tracking In Gorilla Tag

Understanding Player Tracking In Gorilla Tag

In Gorilla Tag, players race through digital landscapes, chasing or escaping fellow players. While the game is generally known for its fun and lighthearted gameplay, a concerning practice has emerged – player tracking.

Player tracking in Gorilla Tag refers to the unauthorized access of a player's ID by a modder, which allows them to monitor a player's online status and their location within the game's codes. Essentially, it's a breach of privacy that compromises the gaming experience for many individuals.

How Player Tracking Works

Player tracking in Gorilla Tag is not a feature of the game itself but rather a practice conducted by certain modders or individuals with the intent to gain unauthorized access to players' information.

  1. Unauthorized Access - Modders exploit vulnerabilities or use various techniques to gain unauthorized access to a player's ID within the game.
  2. Monitoring Online Status - After acquiring a player's ID, these individuals can keep tabs on the player's online status. This entails the capability to discern when a player is actively participating in the game and when they are not.
  3. Tracking Location - The player trackers can also determine which game codes or lobbies a player is currently in. This level of tracking allows them to follow players from one game to another.
  4. Stolen Player IDs - In some cases, these modders may go a step further and sell or distribute the stolen player IDs to other individuals interested in tracking players in Gorilla Tag.

The Dark Side Of Player Tracking

While player tracking in Gorilla Tag might sound like a harmless or even helpful practice, it has a dark side that poses several significant concerns:

Privacy Invasion

Player tracking essentially invades the privacy of players without their consent. It allows unauthorized individuals to watch a player's online activities and even know which game codes they are in. This constant surveillance can be disturbing and unsettling for players who value their privacy.

Stalking and Harassment

In extreme cases, player tracking can lead to stalking and harassment. Those who track players may use the gathered information to follow, target, or bother players both in-game and, in some cases, outside of the game environment.

Account Vulnerability

Player tracking can lead to vulnerabilities within the game. Modders who engage in tracking might exploit players' information, leading to account hacking, banning, or the theft of in-game cosmetics and items.

Here’s and article on what to do while you are banned in Gorilla Tag.

Market for Stolen IDs

The stolen player IDs create a black market where these IDs are sold to other individuals interested in tracking players. This not only perpetuates the problem but also incentivizes unethical practices.

Unwanted Interactions

Players may be subjected to unwanted interactions as a result of player tracking. This can include unsolicited messages, friend requests, or even in-game disruptions.

Staying Safe In Gorilla Tag

To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience in Gorilla Tag, players should follow some basic guidelines:

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Game's Policies

Be sure to spend some time thoroughly reviewing and understanding Gorilla Tag’s terms of service and community guidelines. This will provide you with valuable insights into what is considered acceptable behavior and what is deemed inappropriate.

2. Play With Friends

Whenever possible, play with friends you trust. This reduces the chances of encountering malicious players or modders who might attempt to track you.

3. Avoid Sharing Personal Information

Under no circumstances should you divulge personal information such as your actual name, whereabouts, contact number, or any other identifying particulars while you're within the game. Keep your discussions centered on Gorilla Tag’s content.

4. Report Suspicious Activity

If you happen to come across a player who is engaging in harmful behavior or have suspicions of player tracking activities, promptly report this to the game's moderation team. They are equipped to take the necessary measures to address such concerns and uphold a secure and enjoyable gaming environment.

5. Use Voice Chat Wisely

While voice chat can enhance the social aspect of the game, be cautious about sharing personal details through it. Stick to game-related conversations and avoid discussing personal information.

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While Gorilla Tag offers an exciting gaming experience, it's essential for players to prioritize their safety and privacy. By staying informed, adhering to responsible gaming practices, and actively participating in the creation of a secure gaming environment, players can continue to enjoy the game while minimizing the risks associated with player tracking.

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