What Are The Best VR Ping Pong Games For 2024 And Recommended Accessories

What Are The Best VR Ping Pong Games For 2024 And Recommended Accessories

Are VR Ping Pong Games Good Exercises?

When correctly done, playing table tennis in virtual reality may be a great exercise. The table tennis VR exercises have several advantages, including weight loss, improved hand-eye coordination, increased cardio ability, and muscle growth.

Since exercising frequently involves keeping a high level of motion for a long period, skill plays a significant role in how much exercise a player gets through VR table tennis. A player can play in intense battles that require constant action for a considerable amount of time if they are exceptionally skilled at the game.

The energy expenditure of the Oculus Table Tennis VR game is 3.9 kcals to 4.31 kcals per minute during the tests of the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise. This estimate is based on the assumption that the subject weighs 60kg.

Oculus Ping Pong Games Introduction & Comparison

1) Eleven table tennis

Eleven table tennis is a simulation for VR that was developed by For Fun Labs. It brings the ping pong table, paddles, and balls right to you. You can play online versus other real-world players or an AI player that can be adjusted on a computer.

eleven table tennis

Player Options

Eleven considers single-player games as mostly preparation for multiplayer. Five levels of AI difficulty are available, and you can start playing matches right away for practice or while waiting for an online invitation. Additionally, there is a comprehensive practice mode that allows you to adjust returns down to the angle as well as the amount of spin your opponent gives to them. 


For Eleven ping pong, the experience's core values are realism and sincerity. The degree to which the game demands precise control and patience is astounding; if you put all your concentration into a match, you can forget that you are in a virtual environment.


Eleven Table Tennis VR chooses various realistic settings with some minimal, but usable avatar support.

2) Racket Fury

Racket Fury is the way to go if you're seeking a gentler, forgiving entrance point into the sport that doesn't demand any prior expertise or much practice.

The game offers a complete tournament mode with 16 matches that begins with comparatively easy opponents before going up to increasingly difficult ones. It offers players a smooth gaming experience, and for optimum results, you'll need to attack opponents that are closest to you.

Racket Fury Table Tennis VR Game

Player Options

A full tournament mode for Racket Fury has 16 matches and begins with comparatively easy opponents before advancing to more difficult opponents. Each opponent presents a fair challenge, and by progressing up a leveling system, you can unlock new avatar choices. Even if you weren't into multiplayer, this campaign would undoubtedly help justify the price of entry.


With an Arcade mode that aims to reduce that learning curve with a hint of automation, Racket Fury gives a perspective on both realism and something less difficult.


In Racket Fury, robo-athletes from all around the world compete against one another.

3) VR Ping Pong Pro

8 different environments, 5 levels of difficulty for the AI opponents in single-player mode, and multiplayer choices are all included in VR Ping Pong Pro. In addition to standard matches, there are minigames so you can compete for the top spot in a tournament mode. VR Ping Pong Pro is a wonderful place to go if you want to brush up on your virtual ping pong skills.

VR Ping Pong Pro VR Table Tennis Game

Player Options

There are three different game types in VR Ping Pong Pro: single-player, multiplayer, and arcade. In the arcade mode, you can play games like shattered table, which has table pieces that disappear until a point has been made, as well as wall mode, hit the goal, hit the point, and other fun varieties.


Except for the lack of haptic feedback, VR Ping Pong Pro very nearly replicates the experience of playing the game in real life. Given the rate of progress, that will probably happen within 5 years, at which point there won't be much of a difference between reality and virtual reality.


Although VR Ping Pong Pro lacks a narrative, it clearly has a ping pong simulation theme.

Recommended VR Accessories

With the help of this table tennis handle, you can transform your Quest 2 controller into a paddle that feels like a real one. This VR paddle is made of lightweight ABS plastic and is durable enough to withstand intense use for playing Oculus table tennis.

1. ZyberVR Table Tennis Handles

2. ZyberVR Dual Handles

3. ZyberVR All-in-One Handles

4. ZyberVR Multi-Purpose Handles


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