Essential Tips And Tricks for New PSVR 2 Owners

Essential Tips And Tricks for New PSVR 2 Owners

As a new owner, you're about to discover the immersive wonders of virtual reality where you can step into breathtaking worlds and engage in extraordinary adventures. To ensure that your PSVR 2 journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, mastering some essential tips and tricks is important. From optimizing comfort to exploring different PSVR2 accessories and fine-tuning your gaming environment, this guide is your compass to navigating the world of PSVR 2.


Setting Up Your PSVR 2: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up your PSVR 2 ensures you have the best experience right from the start. Let's walk through the process step by step to ensure a smooth and comfortable setup.

Adjusting the Headset Fit

Getting the right fit for your PSVR 2 is crucial for both comfort and visual clarity. Start by holding the PSVR 2 by the front head pad and gently pressing the visor adjustment button. This action allows the visor to slide forward. Next, grasp the rear head pad with your other hand and press the button on the headband adjustment dial. This will extend the headband to fit comfortably on your head.

Downloading Games

Before getting into the VR world, it's a smart move to have your games ready to go. Make sure you've downloaded your desired PSVR2 games from the PlayStation Store. This way, you'll be all set to jump into your virtual adventures without any delay.

Equipping Quality Headphones

While the PSVR 2 comes with earphones, consider upgrading your audio experience with high-quality headphones. The headphones not only enhance your immersion but also complement your PSVR 2 setup aesthetically.

Preparing Your Gaming Environment

Creating a safe and comfortable gaming environment is essential. Clear your play area of obstacles, furniture, and potential tripping hazards. Whether you prefer sitting, standing, or moving around during gameplay, ensure that your surroundings are conducive to your chosen playstyle.

Setting Up Digital Play Space

During the initial setup, define your safe play area by following the provided instructions. Additionally, explore the passthrough mode which uses the VR headset's cameras to show your real environment. This feature comes in handy for repositioning yourself within the play area, ensuring optimal tracking and gameplay.

Taking Screenshots and Videos

Capture and share your favorite PSVR2 gaming moments by using the Create button on the Sense controller. Familiarize yourself with this button's functionality, as it allows you to capture screenshots or record video clips while playing. Customize your recording settings in the console's menu to suit your preferences.

Cinema Mode

Experience a new way of enjoying 2D content with Cinema Mode. This feature transforms your PSVR 2 into a virtual screen, allowing you to watch movies and entertainment in a unique and immersive way. Adjust the screen size and output settings to match your preferences and enjoy a cinematic experience from within your headset.

Cleaning Your PSVR 2

Maintaining your PSVR 2's cleanliness is crucial for its longevity and visual quality. After each use, gently clean the headset with a soft, dry cloth. Remember not to disassemble the headset, as this could void the warranty. Use dry, soft eyeglass cleaning cloths for the lenses, and if necessary, carefully remove the blue light protection for thorough cleaning.

PSVR2 Initial Setup and Calibration

To ensure that your PSVR 2 delivers the best possible experience, it's essential to perform the initial setup and calibration correctly. This process involves adjusting various settings to optimize comfort and visual quality.

Lenses and IPD Calibration

Proper lens positioning is crucial for clear visuals. Make sure the PSVR2 lenses rest comfortably on your face by adjusting the distance between the lenses and your eyes. Additionally, use the IPD (Interpupillary Distance) dial to match the distance between your eyes for optimal focus. Aiming for a sharp and clear image without any blurriness or discomfort is the goal.

Screen Brightness and Visual Clarity

Adjusting screen brightness is essential for visual comfort. Navigate to the settings menu to modify screen brightness to your preference. It's recommended to set a level that balances vividness with eye strain. Experiment with different brightness settings until you find what works best for you.

Eye Tracking Calibration

For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, it's important to calibrate the eye tracking accurately. Use the PSVR 2 quick menu by double-tapping the PS button on your Sense controller and selecting "Adjust Visibility." Position your eyes within the indicated blue circles to ensure precise eye tracking.

Haptic Feedback and Tracking Calibration

Fine-tuning haptic feedback and tracking settings can enhance your immersive experience. Within the settings menu, explore the options to calibrate the tracking camera and adjust haptic feedback strength. Make sure your controllers and headset are tracking smoothly to avoid any disruptions during gameplay.

Adjusting PSVR2 Lens Distance and Positioning

Achieving the right lens distance and positioning on your PSVR 2 is crucial for a comfortable and visually satisfying VR experience. Follow these steps to ensure your lenses are properly set up:

Lens Distance Adjustment:

  1. While wearing the headset, focus on a game or menu screen.
  2. Use the rotating knob on the headset to adjust the angle of the visor. The goal is to position the headset so it rests comfortably on your forehead.
  3. Slide the visor closer or farther from your face until the image on the screen becomes clear and sharp. Finding the "sweet spot" where the visuals are in focus is essential.
  4. The cushioned area at the front of the headset should rest gently against your forehead without pressing too hard.

IPD Calibration:

  1. Double-tap the PS button on your Sense controller to bring up the PSVR 2 quick menu.
  2. Select "Adjust Visibility."
  3. Ensure your eyes are within the blue circles displayed on the screen. This helps calibrate the PSVR 2 to your specific IPD, which is the distance between your eyes.
  4. Correct IPD calibration minimizes visual discomfort, blurriness, and the sensation of strain.

Proper Nose Positioning:

  1. Make sure the headset's halo strap is positioned horizontally on the back of your head, near your neck.
  2. The cushioned area at the front of the headset should rest comfortably on your forehead, just above your eyebrows.
  3. Adjust the rear dial on the halo strap to secure the headset in place. This ensures the weight of the headset is well-distributed, minimizing pressure on your nose.

Creating a Safe Play Area

Creating a safe play area is essential to ensure an enjoyable and accident-free PSVR 2 experience. Follow these steps to establish a secure environment for your VR sessions:

Choosing Between Sitting, Standing, and Moving Freely

Decide whether you'll be sitting, standing, or moving freely while playing PSVR2 games. Choose an option that matches the game's requirements and your personal comfort level. For seated experiences, ensure you have a stable and comfortable chair. For standing and moving experiences, make sure you have enough space to move without obstruction.

Clearing the Space and Removing Hazards

Before you start playing, clear the play area of any obstacles, furniture, or tripping hazards. Create enough room around you to avoid bumping into objects or walls while immersed in VR. Keep in mind that the PSVR 2's immersive nature can make you unaware of your physical surroundings so ensure everything in your play area is safe.

Handling Pets and Children Around VR

If you have pets or children, be cautious while playing VR. They might be curious about your movements or the headset's cables, so it's a good idea to keep them out of your play area while gaming. Their sudden actions can disrupt your gameplay or even cause accidents. Consider using a physical barrier or having someone supervise them while you're immersed in VR.

Enhancing Comfort and Performance

Optimize your play area for comfort and performance. Make sure the lighting is adequate and evenly distributed to prevent eye strain. Adjust any fans or air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature. If possible, set up the play area near a power outlet to prevent cable tangles or limitations in movement. Additionally, choose a spot with minimal reflective surfaces to prevent tracking issues.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your PSVR 2

Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your PSVR 2 headset and ensuring an optimal VR experience. Regularly cleaning the lenses and the headset itself is essential for maintaining visual clarity and hygiene. Use a dry, soft eyeglass cleaning cloth to gently wipe the lenses. Avoid using wet wipes, paper towels, or abrasive materials that can scratch the lenses. For the headset, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away sweat and dirt. Never use cleaning agents containing alcohol, thinner, or gasoline.

Recommended PSVR2 Accessories:

1. ZyberVR PSVR2 Charging Station

2. ZyberVR PSVR2 Prescription Lenses

3. ZyberVR PSVR2 Cable Management

4. ZyberVR Black Sling Bag

5. ZyberVR Link Cable


As a new owner, mastering these essential tips and tricks will ensure that your PSVR 2 experience is not only enjoyable but also comfortable and hassle-free. With the right setup, care, and knowledge, your PSVR 2 will continue to provide you with countless hours of awe-inspiring adventures and immersive gameplay.

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