How to manage sweat while playing VR games

How to manage sweat while playing VR games

Sweating is a common issue when playing VR, especially after a few hours of an intense game. This can make it challenging to hold your controllers and will most likely affect your gameplay. While there is no way to permanently stop sweating, there are a few quick solutions which will be discussed below.

1. Wear a VR Mask

Playing VR fitness games to stay healthy is increasingly popular. With a VR sweat guard, you can avoid the sweat running into your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the virtual world while you work out.

2. Clean your headset

It's a good idea to clean your Meta Quest 2 on a regular basis, just like you would any other piece of equipment. VR headsets are simple to clean, requiring only a soft microfiber cloth and water.

3. Wear a Face Cover

If you are playing VR at home, getting the ZyberVR Leather Face Cover would be the ideal option if you regularly play VR games at home. These leather covers are suitable if you sweat a lot, especially while playing fitness games, because they can be easily cleaned with alcohol.

If you would be playing around with friends and intend to share your VR headset, you may want to purchase disposable face covers instead. When the VR headset will be used by lots of people in a short period of time, disposable face covers are the best solution in terms of hygiene.

4. Prevent sweaty hands

1. Use a clean cloth or napkin to dry your hands

Keep a clean towel near your gaming area so you can wipe your palms dry as soon as they start to sweat. Try it every time you reach a loading screen. It can keep your hands from becoming so sweaty that the Quest 2 controller feels slick to hold.

2. Get an anti-slip cover for your controller

The ZyberVR Direct-Charge Controller Grips has an anti-slip texture so your controllers won’t slide off your hands while playing due to sweat.


While using one of these options may help you maintain your sweat the next time you play your favorite VR game, you may want to experiment with different combinations, such as using controller grips while wearing a VR face cover. Keeping your hands dry may also give you an advantage in your next fight, race, or whatever VR game you find yourself in.

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