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ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock

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• Technological ExperienceCombining our charging dock with a space station design and a ring-shaped RGB light strip adds a futuristic tech vibe to your charging experience.

• 30W Magnetic Fast Charging: Ensures fast charging for your Quest3 headset with a high power output of 15V=2A, reaching up to 30W. Charge your headset up to 60% in 1 hour and fully charge it in 2 hours.
Rechargeable Battery for Controller: Replace disposable AA batteries with this 1000mAh battery, which can be recharged over 500 times for long-term use.
• Compatibility and Convenience: Compatible with third-party head straps and equipped with an additional 5V=2A 10W output.
• Stylish Ambient Lighting: With three different lighting modes, our charging dock brings different atmospheric experiences. With a do-not-disturb mode, it ensures peaceful nights without disturbing your sleep.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Ricardo Hernández
    Excellent quality products!!!

    I am delighted by how the product looks, feels and works; My four star rating is mainly because having also purchased the strap with battery, it would have been great to have considered that scenario by putting an alternative anchor for the magnetic contact cable on the back.

    Gerald Haas

    Is made very well, I especially like the magnetic connections. Very glad I bought it and highly recommend!

    Edgar Z.Edgar Z.
    A Stylish Way to Charge Your Quest 3

    Zyber made a charging dock that looks amazing. The RGB lights are really good quality and the whole thing has a nice cyberpunk feel to it. The stand has some good weight to it, doesn't feel cheap at all. The magnetic plug that goes into the type C port on the Quest 3 allows for magnetic charging when you set the Quest 3 on the base. The downside to this is if you have an elite battery strap or any extended battery that you plug into the Quest 3's type C port, you'll have to disconnect it to charge the VR headset with the magnets. There is additional ports on the back of the base that allow you to run a cable and charge your extended battery. The rechargeable batteries for the controllers work perfectly. Make sure to install them correctly or they won't charge. The controller slot into the dock in a very confirming way that makes it almost impossible to not get good contact. Another thing that is good but can also become annoying is when either the Quest 3 or the controllers are set to charge on the dock, there is a loud beep to inform you that the dock is charging. There is also another beep when they are fully charged. The annoyance is that you might get some random beeps as they sit on the dock as the battery might slightly dip in charge and kick on the dock charging, and beep. Then beep again not soon after as it fully charges. I wish the beep could be turned off, or if the beep was a more pleasant sound, currently it sounds like my microwave going off. Besides that this is a compact dock that doesn't take up much space and in my opinion one of the best looking docks for the Quest 3.

    Nice But...

    This is a nice looking charging dock for my Quest 3, I like the lights and also the fact is can charge not only my headset but it can charge my headset strap battery at the same time. The cord comes out of the back of the unit to charge that. I like the magnetic ends on the charger cord too, this makes it easy for my daughter to unplug and put back on the charger without damaging my cord or charging input on the headset. There are a couple of things that I don't like, one being that the plastic adapter that holds the magnetic end of the cable to the stand where the cable input is on the headset, doesn't always line up, or if it does line up, it will stop charging a little while later. I ended up removing the plastic adapter that mounts the cable to the stand and I just stick the cable end on the magnet manually, it works perfectly now. The second thing is that there is no way to charge your controllers if you have a rubber grips on them. So you have to choose to have the rubber grips OR use the controller recharge option. I chose to keep my grips, overall I like the stand and will continue to use it.I hope this review and pics were helpful.

    Charging Quest 3 stand that is easy to use

    ZYBER RGB Charging Dock for Meta Quest 3, Magnetic Fast Charging Station for Oculus Quest 3 is a cut above. I have tried many non official Q3 charging stands. This one is the best. It has a magnetic contact where you place the head set. It pops right in with zero effort. Drop it i the slot and BOOM your charging. Actually comes with an AC adapter! You also get batteries for the controllers. They just drop in and charge as well. It looks really cool. Great design. The tower changes color depending on the status of your Q3 battery. That cool red color in the picture is the unit charging. Then when the head set if fully charged it turns blue. It also has a smart chip so it does not over charge your head set if you leave it on the stand over night.Highest recommendation

    A must-have for proud Quest owners.

    Excellent charging stand. I've been looking for one of these type of stand/chargers and was very excited when I found this one. I love the look of the RGB lighting and the way the stand is positioned.The packaging came with everything you need to get your quest 3 compatible; rechargeable batteries for the controllers, new back plates for the controllers, a magnetic adapter for the headset charging port, and all the cables to connect things together.The included instructions were clear and easy to follow. I had everything together and up and running in less than 10 minutes.There are indicator lights that show the charge level of the controllers (the quest already has a built-in indicator light). You can switch off the main RGB with the button on the back, which is nice when I want the room dark for sleeping. My aftermarket Pro strap works fine and the headset sits very secure, while still easily removable for use.This one is a homerun!

    Colorado Mtn LuvColorado Mtn Luv
    Impressive with one possible issue

    I'm very impressed with the overall design and quality of materials used in this charging stand.ASSEMBLY: excellent and thorough instructions are provided. Total assembly time was approximately five minutes.STURDY: the thoughtful design is evident when placing the Quest 3 headset onto the charging stand. It connects easily to the magnetic charging connector.CHARGING: the fast charging for the headset works as designed. I've had no issues whatsoever charging the headset.ISSUE: charging of the controllers can be a bit tricky. You must insure that the cord does not get in the way when placing controllers into their respective charging base. The only issue I've experienced is that the controllers only charge to 70% power. Over a week of testing and making absolutely certain the controllers are seated properly with confirmation from their individual charging lights, only yields a 70% charge.Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this charging station and will continue to use it as the only charging platform for my Quest 3 setup. Even with the one controller issue as stated above, I've had no issues with the controllers or the headset lasting long enough for my 90 minute sessions. Given my overall impressions and experience, I'm very pleased with this charging dock.

    Vincent Peyrat
    Great dock

    I bought this dock and it is really good. quick delivery. THANKS

    Diego Hernández

    Is good and cheap but the magnetic plug in the tower always Falls down and need reinstall

    Ice18 Studios
    Nearly perfect !

    + Love the LED lights and the option to turn them off
    + Love the possibility to charge an external battery
    + Easy to plug the HMD to charge the HMD battery
    + Controllers battery !

    - Sometimes pluging the Controllers to charge is difficult, or Controller charging light does not immediately light up.