How To Ice Scale In Gorilla Tag

How To Ice Scale In Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag, a fast-paced and thrilling multiplayer game, constantly evolves with exciting new maps. In this guide, we'll delve into the icy adventures of Gorilla Tag's snow-covered landscapes and teach you how to master the art of ice scaling. From navigating the ice slides to gaining speed and control, we've got you covered.

Gorilla Tag Ice Maps

To begin our journey into Gorilla Tag ice scaling, you must first know the ice mountain map. Situated to the left of the entrance to the Mountains map, the Igloo offers an experience similar to the Stump map. Within the Igloo, you'll find a Gorilla OS Computer, allowing you to manage Names, Colors, and settings, much like the Stump map's functionality.

To the right of the entrance of the Mountains map, you'll discover extensive paths of ice. These ice slides provide a speedy way to traverse the map. With multiple paths to choose from, you can slide your way through the snowy terrain with ease. Some of these ice slides even resemble tubes, propelling players across the map with the power of air.

As you ascend the tower near the entrance, you'll encounter the entrance to a tube slide. The initial slide takes you down the mountain but here's where it gets interesting. Approximately 9 seconds into the ride, you'll reach a split path. By jumping up and grabbing on, you can access a completely different slide. This particular slide takes you through the walls of the map, offering a unique perspective of the landscape on the other side.

Gorilla Tag's Snowy Map Features

Gorilla Tag's snowy map introduces players to an entirely new environment. While it may bear some resemblance to the snowy main map enjoyed during the holiday season, it comes with exciting new features. One highlight is the ice slide, perfect for making a swift escape to lower ground. Additionally, there's an actual slide that adds to the thrill of the icy adventures.

Steps In Ice Scaling In Gorilla Tag:

  1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the icy terrain in Gorilla Tag. Take note of slopes and downhill sections.
  2. To gain speed on ice, perform jumps while on the slippery surface. Observe how your speed decreases when moving uphill and increases when moving downhill.
  3. To control your speed better, jump and lower one of your hands facing it toward the ground.
  4. Experiment with hand movements to gauge the speed variations.

Steps In Steering In Gorilla Tag

  1. To initiate steering on ice, position one of your hands on the icy surface. Ensure your hand is in contact with the ice to maintain control.
  2. Begin moving your hand from side to side to initiate steering. Practice gentle movements to avoid abrupt turns.
  3. To make a left turn, adjust your right hand to the left while keeping your left hand stable.
  4. For a right turn, aim your hand to the right while keeping your left hand steady.


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The icy landscapes of Gorilla Tag's snow maps offer thrilling opportunities for adventure and excitement. Whether you're exploring tube slides or mastering speed and control on ice, the snowy maps provide a unique twist to the game.


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