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ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Long Arms Fitness Asas dobles para Quest 2

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SKU:EH01 Lite

  • La hebilla de liberación rápida hace que la conexión de las manijas y los controladores sea resistente sin temblar. El diseño hueco no bloquea ninguna señal.
  • La cómoda y gruesa funda con mango de esponja reduce la vibración y absorbe el sudor.
  • Ultraligero y no reduce la velocidad de movimiento.
  • La cubierta del mango antideslizante y la correa de mano dificultan que los controladores se caigan y se rompan.

Juegos adecuados : Gorilla Tag, Beat Sabre, Audio Trip, FitXR, Supernatural VR, Synth Riders, Ragnarock, Smash Drums, BoomBox, Fruit Ninja, First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis, Sports Scramble VR

* Asegúrese de que haya suficiente espacio para jugar para evitar accidentes, como chocar accidentalmente con paredes u otros objetos.

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Quest 2

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 246 reviews
    Carl Erik Bakke
    They are great!

    Makes my GTag performance much better.


    My grandson just loves his new long gorilla arms. In fact he's been going ape over them ever since they arrived. I can hardly get him out of his tree for supper, bed time, or anything else. My wife is about to go bananas, also, as he keep dropping his banana peels under his tree and elsewhere in our house. It's all good though, as I can tell by his monkey squeals and gorilla roars that he is really enjoying the game more now. But I do wish that he would cease pounding his chest and gnashing his teeth when I tell him he has to shut down for bed time!

    Very good

    I would recommend they are very comfy and give better experience in games use code ZYBERVR when purchasing anything

    Jessica Matthews
    I love them but they didn’t make my arms fully long arms it’s because I’m 11 but also you can mak...

    They are comfortable and easy to function with how lightweight they are but I’m having trouble with the connecting part on my right controller but it still works thank you

    Sharing 4 years old i gorilla tag

    I like The inveti on you Guys mare and is pretty cool having long arm is Kinda like an Advantage and I like s-o you Guys deserve 5 stars

    Great accessory for multiple games

    This is a great attachment for several games. If you want to extend your reach in Gorilla Tag or feel the extension for Beat Saber these extenders are a great attachment for the occulus controllers and it took me about a minute to figure out how they attach. They release just as easy so it's very simple to change between using them or not. These are not weighted just an extension. Great accessory for multiple games.

    Raimonds Rutkis

    Love it!


    Its super good

    Charlene Cuthbertson
    Is so good

    It’s really good for gorilla tag thank you ZyberVR

    Brad Jones
    Great transaction

    Prompt shipping times