The Top VR Space Games You Can't Miss (2024)

The Top VR Space Games You Can't Miss (2024)

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The world of virtual reality gives new experiences for gaming. It lets players go beyond the limits of normal games. If you want to visit planets, fight hard in space or drive a spaceship through stars, the top VR space games have many exciting activities.

1. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is a big game about exploring space. It lets players find many planets in a universe full of billions. Players can easily move from planets to moons and space stations. Each place has different scenery, living creatures, and problems.

The space game's pretend world mode makes it feel more real. This lets players truly feel immersed in the huge size of space. The ability to make spaces on other planets and meet new alien creatures makes exploring deeper. This means each trip is a unique adventure for the person doing it. The part where you can play with others adds more fun, letting friends explore space together.

2. Star Wars Squadrons

The game shows the huge space battles that are a big part of the Star Wars story. Star Wars Squadrons, available for PSVR and PCVR, mixes the excitement of dangerous sky battles with the deep stories of the Star Wars universe.

In gameplay, the first-person point of view makes it more real. This helps players feel like they're inside a starfighter going fast through space wars. They can be in an X-wing or TIE craft as if they were really there. The game has a tricky mix of thinking, good flying skills, and using each type of spaceship well.

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3. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Made for PSVR, PCVR Headsets, and Meta Quest, the game lets players join a Federation starship. It helps them work together as friends while they try new jobs in space frontier areas. The game also uses VR technology to put players in a detailed bridge environment.

Players can use controls, give orders, and feel the excitement of space adventure. In the game, players need to work together when facing new areas, talking with different types of beings from space, or fighting against bad groups. They must do this well so their jobs can be finished safely.

4. Titans Of Space Plus

The main job of the game is to teach people and show them a beautiful trip through space. Players get to go on a real tour, led by someone smart who tells them exciting things about each space body.

The VR spacewalk feature lets people feel like they're moving in zero gravity. This is a special but interesting part of virtual reality. The easy-to-use buttons make the VR experience simple and bring people into it. This works for both those who love VR a lot and newbies to this technology.

5. Elite Dangerous

As a pilot of your own customizable spaceship, you navigate a realistic recreation of the Milky Way galaxy, complete with star systems, planets, and a dynamic economy. The inclusion of virtual reality elevates the experience, allowing players to truly feel the vastness of the cosmos.

The game features a persistent, player-driven universe where individual choices impact the overall narrative. The cockpit becomes a tangible environment, and navigating through space feels both realistic and awe-inspiring.

6. Space Pirate Trainer

As a space bandit with lots of powerful weapons, players join fast and fun battles in the stars. Players use special blasters and a good shield. They attack difficult robot enemies that get harder to beat as they go on.

The intuitive controls allow for natural and responsive movements, giving players the sensation of being in the midst of an intense space firefight. Players can physically dodge incoming projectiles and strategically position themselves to fend off attacks.

The game has a space theme with things like zero-gravity platforms and the big sky. This makes it more fun to play. Space Pirate Trainer turns old school fun of classic arcade games into something exciting for virtual reality.

7. Interkosmos 2000

As a pilot in the cosmos, players face a blend of challenges, from controlling complex systems within the space capsule to navigating through thrilling near-destruction scenarios. From the initial lift-off to managing various systems, players engage in a hands-on experience that mirrors the complexities of real space travel.

Controlling the spacecraft involves a combination of precise movements and interactive manipulations, giving players a genuine sense of the responsibilities associated with space exploration.

The story mode introduces players to a narrative that unfolds during the space journey, involving problem-solving and decision-making. Players will find themselves flying around asteroids, avoiding near destruction, and experiencing the exhilaration of space exploration firsthand.

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The best space games for VR aren't just about graphics and mechanics; they're about the sense of awe and discovery that comes with traversing the cosmos from the comfort of your own virtual cockpit. So, whether you're a seasoned spacefarer or a newcomer to the galactic scene, these top VR space games provide a selection of cosmic adventures that cater to all tastes.

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