Best PSVR2 3D-Printed Accessories With Download Links (2024)

Best PSVR2 3D-Printed Accessories With Download Links (2024)

Discover the ultimate way to personalize your PSVR2 experience with the best 3D-printed accessories. These carefully crafted add-ons not only improve comfort and usability but also add a unique touch to your VR setup. 

1. Playstation VR2 (PSVR2) Headset Stand

Maker: psybertech

Download Link:

The PSVR2 Headset Stand offers a customizable solution for securely storing your headset while adding practical features to enhance your gaming setup. With multiple base options designed to prevent tipping and provide added weight, along with variations incorporating convenient storage trays, this stand caters to diverse user preferences. 

2. PSVR2 Lens Protector

Maker: Lowfategg

Download Link:

The Lens Protector Adapters for PSVR2 offer a simple yet effective solution to prevent glasses from touching or scratching the lenses of your headset. With customizable ring heights catering to various glasses shapes and sizes, these adapters ensure a snug fit and optimal protection. 

3. PSVR2 HMD hanger

Maker: c0d3c

Download Link:

Designed with simplicity in mind, this hanger offers an easy-to-print solution suitable for various setups, whether it's mounted on a rig, desk, or elsewhere. For optimal results, PLA is recommended, with a straightforward printing process either vertically with minimal infill or horizontally with supports for increased strength and a sleeker appearance. 

4. PSVR2 cable router

Maker: vinc3l3

Download Link:

A simple yet effective solution for managing cables, especially for users with overhead cable systems. Designed to reduce stress on the cable's stress relief joint, this router facilitates smoother cable management, minimizing tangles and enhancing the overall VR experience. 

5. psvr2 cable management

Maker: SebierWo

Download Link:

This includes a stabilizer to prevent potential bending of the cable at the base, ensuring optimal performance and durability over time. Additionally, a redesigned cable guide with a sleek geometric aesthetic and added PS logo offers a stylish yet functional solution for organizing your cables. 

6. PSVR 2 Controller charging base

Maker: airlid

Download Link:

This sleek design features grooves underneath to neatly route the charging cables, maintaining a tidy setup. Utilizing magnetic connection USB-C ports, charging becomes effortless and ensures secure storage when not in use. 

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With the easy access to downloadable designs, upgrading your PSVR2 setup is now simpler than ever. By adding these creative accessories, you can make your gaming experience more comfortable, functional, and unique.


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