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Base de carga ZyberVR Quest 2 con ranuras de carga de batería

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  • Carga de alta velocidad : carga magnéticamente los auriculares VR con 5 V 2 A en 3 horas. Cuando carga los auriculares y los controladores simultáneamente, el sistema de carga inteligente dará prioridad a cargar los auriculares primero.
  • Durable y multifuncional : puede cargar las baterías equipadas directamente en las ranuras de la base de carga. Las baterías AA recargables son de fácil acceso, lo que hace que esta base de carga sea duradera. Mientras tanto, puedes utilizar la base de carga para cargar otras pilas AA recargables.
  • Económicas y respetuosas con el medio ambiente : estas baterías recargables tienen un ciclo de vida de 1000 veces. Ahorre dinero comprando baterías desechables.
  • Diseño elegante con indicadores LED : es un soporte elegante para guardar los auriculares y controladores Quest 2, lo que hace que su sala de juegos esté limpia y clara. La base de carga tiene luces LED azules y naranjas para determinar mejor el estado de funcionamiento de la base de carga. Además, tiene un modo de suspensión incorporado, puedes apagar la luz LED para evitar molestias mientras duermes.
  • Carga segura con múltiples protecciones : la base de carga tiene un sistema de protección de circuito incorporado con apagado automático y protección contra cortocircuitos, que brinda a los jugadores un entorno seguro y confiable.
  • Lo que obtienes : base de carga*1, batería AA recargable de 2000 mAh*2, enchufe magnético tipo C*2.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Tim T.
    It's pretty but you need some space

    It looks awesome, I'll give it that. the main base has detachable arm pieces to hold your controllers on the sides like wings. They rest in there ok. I have custom grips on my controllers so they don't sit firmly in place, very small gap. It is pretty cool that the one connection to the headset feeds recharging to the controllers.The plastic controller handles are frosted plastic to let the light do its thing which is a muted blue light that's non obtrusive (orange when actively charging your batteries). You can turn the lights off if you want but that's half the cool factor. Found it's a bit wide for options but adds to the showcasing of your Oculus. Big plus is no detaching cables to grab handsets and play.

    Very satisfied

    I love this VR docking/charging station... It charges fast and looks cool while doing so. The magnetic piece makes charging easier. It came with everything I needed and delivery was fast.

    Works well, would be perfect for a non-modified system.

    This stand is actually really good, it comes in a small box and is easy to snap together. The headset sits in a cradle with the included magnetic charger adapter snapping into the charging port. It works well and the entire rack turns orange to let you know it is charging, then turns blue when complete. Each hand set goes into the side racks, but if you have modified the hand sets (as I have) they don't sit very well. The stand came with two rechargeable batteries which charge in an area under the headset. The area is made for two in the charger and two in storage. The batteries have a separate light to let you know they are charging or done. The headset can be a little heavy to the back so you will have to put it on a table, but as you can see, we use this one all the time and are very pleased with it.

    Levi Lievsay
    Excellent product, just one small issue

    I had gotten this product for an early Christmas gift yesterday, I went to plug my quest 2 in the charger and it did indeed work. The only problem is that when I disconnected it the little magnetic charger was stuck in the charging port, after a couple minutes I had finally got it out. Other than that it is an amazing product

    Sherry Stringfield

    Not sure yet it is a Christmas present

    quest 2 charging dock top


    Ruth Arellano-Carroll
    Excellent service, my child loved the headset and charger

    Excellent service, my child loved the headset and charger. We had an issue with the charger and we immediately got support and help. Thank you

    Great choice for a Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock.

    I got this for my son, so He can be alittle bit more organzied with his electronic devices. The batteries lightup when they are charged up. It looks pretty cool at night. Everything fits perfect ! So far so good no issues.

    Nice unit

    Came with batteries, nice blue light

    Robbins Family
    I like to stay clutter free and organized!

    The headline says it all. I hate how many cords we have for everything that needs charged on a weekly basis, so anything that helps with that is a win in my book! Before, my son's oculus was sitting on the kitchen counter charging nightly. Now he can easily charge it before bed upstairs where it's out of the way! He's also noticed this will charge faster than the cords.Overall, great value!