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Correa ZyberVR ZERO Quest 3 Elite

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  • Ajustes más amplios para máxima comodidad: Las correas laterales se pueden levantar 60 para usarlas o quitarlas fácilmente. Y gire hacia abajo 10 para adaptarse a varias formas de cabeza trasera. Aporta una distribución equilibrada del peso.n.
  • Soporte trasero ergonómico: El soporte trasero se puede girar hacia arriba o hacia abajo 10 para adaptarse automáticamente a diferentes formas de cabeza. Diseñado un 10 % más corto en altura para evitar que el cuello se pinche cuando levantas la cabeza..
  • Correa superior cómoda: Construido con esponja elástica de alta densidad en el interior y cuero PU de primera calidad en el exterior. Proporciona un excelente soporte para todo el peso de los auriculares.
  • Compatible con gafas: Con brazos más largos para acomodar a los usuarios de gafas y una hebilla extendida para una instalación y extracción sin esfuerzo.
  • Diseño unificado con Quest 3: Combina perfectamente con el diseño de los auriculares, ofreciendo una apariencia unificada y elegante.
  • Dos versiones: Esta correa para la cabeza tiene la versión estándar y la versión con batería.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 136 reviews
      Dennis Hamaker
      Amazing support and excellent product

      They notified me instead of my own courier the package was ready to be picked up. Amazing support, especially for a smaller company with global reach.

      James Litterick
      At last, a premium headstrap for an affordable price.

      didn't know of Zyber products until I found their website when looking for a quest 3 headstrap. Though from now on I'll be buying many of their products going forward. First if you have any concerns ordering from overseas then don't. Where most overseas free delivery means uncertainty waiting by the door until it arrives, imrexefies no less than 11 tracking updates each step of my deliveries journey, letting me know it's location each step of the way. It arrived on the 9th day afte dispatch which was 2 days early.
      Now for.tje product. It is tremendous value. I own the quest 3 elite headstrap which I ordered on launch. I bought this headstrap as a back up for when I'm playing shared gaming sessions with friends who are a little careles ls with my tech. Lol. Though I really wish I.bOught this first. It's over half the price of my elite and so much more comfortable. A padded headstrap that is missing from the elite and the adjustable headrest at the back shows they really took time to get the comfort factor of this product right. In addition being able to raise the headstrap up during gameplay is a feature missing from the overpriced elite strap. I'm big on asphetics too and was not disappointed as they made the effort to match the colour as closely to the quest as possible.. it is well made from durable materials and looks every bit as premium as the elite strap I own, which has now became my back up strap as it really isn't as comfortable as this. If your new to quest 3 and want comfort, quality and a premium finish...this is the headstrap for you.

      S12 VR

      Could be more comfortable at the back of the head but otherwise it’s great!! You should sponser me btw 👀 @meno.the.monkey

      Highly recommend this Elite strap

      I heard about this brand from someone on YouTube and this Elite strap is fabulous. So much more comfortable then the original strap and so much easier to put on an off without having to readjust every time. It also holds the eye piece in the same spot and doesn’t move as much which makes wearing bifocals easier to keep lenses in the right spot. Postage was free and delivery was fast. Great service.

      Amazing strap for a good price

      This isn't a bot review, i'm an actual customer from Portugal. I purchased this strap to go with my quest 3, and I couldn't be more satisfied. It is of very high quality materials, more premium than I would sell for the 25 euro I paid with a discount code. I just wish the cable clip was a bit wider because all my cables are about 1cm diameter and the one that came with the strap is about 0.4 cm diameter.

      Fabrizio Galfrè
      Very good strap

      I really like my new strap! It's so much better than the meta one and it's cheaper.
      Well done Zyber!

      Henry Reusch
      Ganz ehrlich, das Ding ist mega geil

      Was soll man da schon sagen. Das Teil sitzt super, fühlt sich hochwertig an und verbessert das Spielerlebnis mit der Quest 3 um Welten. Ich habe noch eine Halterung für einen Akku entworfen und jetzt ist das Ding auch noch besser als der Elite Strap.

      Hubert Suchorowski

      Very well made head strap, everything adjusts well to the head and finally I am able to play without a headache unlike that garbage standard strap from Meta

      Solid strap 200% better than stock

      Absolutely love this strap compared to the original meta strap. Much comfier, well made, great price. Really can’t complain in any aspect so far

      雅美 村越

      I was wondering whether to buy the genuine product for Meta Quest 3, but since it was expensive, I decided to try this one and bought it. A version with a battery was scheduled to be released soon, but since I don't play games for long periods of time, I made the right decision to buy this one. It's very convenient to be able to change the fit using the dial even when my child and I share the device.