The 5 Funniest VR Games You Need To Play That Will Leave You In Stitches (2024)

The 5 Funniest VR Games You Need To Play That Will Leave You In Stitches (2024)

Funny VR games became a sensation with their clever mix of humor and immersive gameplay and thus, the gamers get completely imprisoned in them. Through these games, players will not only be entertained but also have the privilege to experience virtual settings that have side-splitting experiences.

1. Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 2 is an escape room VR game in which you will need to analyze a range of puzzles to move through the various rooms in the building and gradually uncover the secrets of the creepy building where you are trapped.

The core element of Plan 2 is that it focuses on player participation and experimentation. Contrary to the conventional ways of rational thinking, the games promote creative thinking among the players as they explore and find their own ways of the puzzles. This opportunity also pushes players to try new ways of manipulating objects and interacting with the environment, often the cause of hilarious situations and witty moments.

2. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

The virtual experience of Virtual Rick-ality is what makes it unique compared to other funny VR games. It has a faithful recreation of the show's iconic humor and style. Whether the dialogues between Rick and Morty are at the center of attention or just the wild character and settings, the game reflects the original TV series concept and transfers it to the virtual reality environment with the help of VR.

Despite having numerous controls, players can move around the areas as well as in the laboratory of Rick's garage and interact with the objects and characters in hilarious ways.

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3. Virtual Virtual Reality

In VVR, players are transported to a future where humans have replaced physical labor with virtual tasks to pass the time. As a brand-new recruit to Activitude, a company that operates virtual labor services, you get into all kinds of assignments, some that are boring as heck while others are weird.

The conversations of the characters and background elements like the peculiar characters push the story up to another level with the mood making one feel like living in a realm that is both captivating and strange. Many people might be wondering what VVR is all about and how it excels in the field of gameplay. The game offers a combination of puzzles, exploration, and narrative-driven game modes.

4. Time Stall

Since players confront each frozen situation differently and are challenged with different problems, they must move through the events and stave off the disaster before the flow of time restores its normal rate. Nonetheless, the most distinct feature of Time Stall — it’s the sort of fun and comfort that no other VR game could give.

The game emphasizes player choice and experimentation which in turn makes it more relatable. Players have the freedom to confront each scenario in a different manner resulting in unforeseen consequences and teary-eyed laughter.

5. I Expect You To Die Series

In this fun game, players take up the role of a spy to be charged with a series of difficult tasks, but each one is more funny than the other.

I Expect You To Die does not stick to the standard model of presenting prepared scenes and pre-chosen ending solutions. Instead, the game encourages the players to be creative and solve the tasks on their own. Such freedom, when it comes to trying out things, makes way for several unpredicted incidents that never fail to leave the players wanting more.

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With technology evolving with each passing day, it becomes more and more obvious that funny VR games will open the way for the development of a truly unconventional way of being entertained. The game comes to life with fun graphics, captivating sound effects, innovative game mechanics, and compelling writing that keeps the players both engaged and entertained for hours.

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