A Guide To Playing Gorilla Tag Without A VR Headset

A Guide To Playing Gorilla Tag Without A VR Headset

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Not everyone has access to a VR headset, and the desire to join the Gorilla Tag fun persists. This guide aims to unravel the possibilities of playing Gorilla Tag without a VR headset, providing enthusiasts with alternative methods to experience the game on their standard PC.

The Monke Mod Manager

Visit to the Monke Mod Manager Github page. Here, you can find the necessary files for download. Once downloaded, launching the Monke Mod Manager may prompt you to locate your Gorilla Tag launcher.

  1. If you're using Steam, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Gorilla Tag.
  2. If you run Gorilla Tag through the Oculus app, find and select GorillaTag.exe at C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Software\Software\another-axiom-gorilla-tag.
  3. Whether the manager auto-detects the path or you manually locate it, the next step involves checking the boxes for "BananaHook," "Bepinject," "Newtonsoft," "TMPLoader," and "Utilla."
  4. Click "Install/Update" to kickstart the installation process.


While the Monke Mod Manager lays the foundation, UnityExplorer allows you to delve deeper into the world of game modifications, particularly those needed for non-VR play.

  1. To integrate UnityExplorer into your Gorilla Tag setup, begin by visiting the UnityExplorer Github page.
  2. Under "Releases," select "BepInEx Mono" to access the necessary files. Download the files to your designated folder.
  3. After extracting the downloaded zipped folder, locate the UnityExplorer.BIE5.Mono.dll and UniverseLib.Mono.dll files.
  4. Copy these files and paste them into the respective directories: C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Software\Software\another-axiom-gorilla-tag\BepInEx\plugins for Oculus installations, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Gorilla Tag\BepInEx\plugins for Steam versions.
  5. Adapt the file path according to your specific Steam or Oculus installation directory.

Desktop Mode And Game Modifications

  • Mod Search: Explore the Gorilla Tag community for mods that enable desktop mode. These mods are crafted by enthusiasts to provide a non-VR alternative.
  • Third-Party Software: Look for external applications or software that allow you to emulate VR controls using a keyboard and mouse.
  • Desktop Mode Mod: This mod focuses on adapting Gorilla Tag for desktop play, unlocking a range of controls suited for traditional PC gaming.
  • Controller Support Mod: Introduces support for gaming controllers, enhancing the gameplay experience for non-VR users.
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The Monke Mod Manager and UnityExplorer serve as important tools, bridging the gap between VR and desktop gaming. These applications, along with an array of mods, usher in a non-VR experience that, while not identical, captures the essence of Gorilla Tag's exhilarating gameplay.

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i wanna play without vr

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