Gorilla Tag Esport Team And Tournaments

Gorilla Tag Esport Team And Tournaments

VR games like Gorilla Tag are taking center stage, not just for their entertainment value but for their esports potential. If you're new to Gorilla Tag, it's a dynamic VR game that captures the nostalgic thrill of a beloved childhood pastime: tag. Players sprint, dodge, duck, and jump their way through immersive environments, all in the name of fun and fitness. Yet, beneath its apparent simplicity, Gorilla Tag reveals the makings of a budding esports sensation.

The Birth of Gorilla Tag Esports

Games of tag have existed for as long as children have been able to run around and play. It's a timeless and universal form of amusement, rooted in the thrill of outmaneuvering friends. In the case of Gorilla Tag, players quickly discovered ways to transform this primitive form of fun into formalized competitions.

There's a thriving community of Gorilla Tag enthusiasts dedicated to competitive play. Several servers cater to those seeking a more intense Gorilla Tag experience. These servers provide platforms for players to test their skills against one another, showcasing their speed, agility, and cunning.

Gorilla Tag COMP (GTC)

For those interested in esports, Gorilla Tag COMP offers an ideal playground. This community has transformed into a central gathering point for Gorilla Tag enthusiasts, offering an arena for structured competitions, competitive leaderboards, and a chance to establish supremacy as the ultimate Gorilla Tag victor. It's a realm where the spirit of competition flourishes, allowing players to challenge themselves against some of the game's most formidable competitors.

With the growth of VR esports, the potential for Gorilla Tag as a competitive VR sport becomes increasingly evident. The game's accessibility, combined with the exhilarating gameplay, has captivated the interest of both casual players and competitive gamers.

The Monkes

Kerestell "Lemming" Smith, a notable figure in the VR community, is known for bringing levitation to VR esports with his high-flying performances during the VR League finals at Oculus Connect 4 while playing Ready At Dawn's Echo Arena. The Monke Community, as it's affectionately known, has grown substantially in its Discord server alone. This thriving community is a testament to the game's popularity and the sense of camaraderie among players.

Gorilla Tag has garnered impressive activity on Discord servers and among in-game players. The game's community involvement and engagement have contributed significantly to its success, as players have been active in providing feedback and helping shape the game's development.

Join the ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Tournaments

If you're eager to elevate your Gorilla Tag prowess and engage in battles against some of the most skilled players in the game, the ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Tournaments offer an ideal opportunity. Led by seasoned GTAG Leaders, these tournaments deliver an electrifying and competitive arena suitable for participants at all skill levels.

The ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Tournaments typically feature a monthly schedule and are organized on the ZyberVR Discord community. The tournaments usually consist of two lobbies, allowing for a larger pool of participants. Winners from each lobby will face off in a thrilling final showdown.

Aside from the chance to prove your skills and earn bragging rights, ZyberVR offers exclusive accessories as prizes. These accessories are desired by Gorilla Tag players and serve as a badge of honor within the community. The ultimate winner of the final showdown will be awarded a ZyberVR accessory, making victory even more rewarding.


Recommended Gorilla Tag Accessories:

1. ZyberVR Long Arms Dual Handles


2. ZyberVR Battery Head Strap


3. ZyberVR Quest 2 Prescription Lenses


4. ZyberVR Quest 3 Elite Head Strap

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Gorilla Tag has not only revived the joy of tag but has also elevated it to a competitive sport in the virtual realm. With committed servers, leagues, and a thriving community, the game is positioned to establish an enduring influence in the realm of esports. As participants persistently hone their abilities and vie for prestige, Gorilla Tag is demonstrating that even the most straightforward of games can emerge as a prominent contender in the esports world.

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