Gorilla Tag Mod Stick - What You Need To Know

Gorilla Tag Mod Stick - What You Need To Know

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While the GTag mod stick primarily serves as a badge of honor for moderators, it also holds a distinct role in maintaining the game's integrity. It plays a crucial part in the concept of "stick justice," a term used to describe the act of moderators enforcing the rules by revealing their Mod Stick to rule-breakers.

Gorilla Tag Cosmetics

Gorilla Tag Holdables includes a diverse range of items, each contributing to the game's playful and immersive atmosphere. While many of these items serve as amusing props and fun distractions, some, like the elusive Gorilla Tag cosmetic stick, carry unique significance.

Holdables come in various forms, from amusing objects like rubber ducks and bananas to more significant items like the Mod Stick. Players can choose from these holdables to enhance their in-game experience and make their gorilla persona truly their own.

Here are some of Gorilla Tag holdables:

  1. Star balloon
  2. Red rose
  3. Regular utensils
  4. Cherry blossom branch
  5. Black umbrella
  6. Popsicle
  7. Finger flag
  8. Sparkler
  9. Gorilla Tag flag
  10. Turkey leg

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Gorilla Tag Mod Sticks

The Mod Stick in Gorilla Tag is no ordinary cosmetic item—it is a symbol of authority and a tool for maintaining order within the game's community. Exclusive ownership of the Mod Stick is reserved for a select group of individuals: the official moderators of Gorilla Tag.

Official moderators, carefully handpicked to ensure fair play and a positive gaming environment, are the only individuals granted access to this exclusive cosmetic item.

When a player wielding the Mod Stick enters a game lobby, it sends a clear message to others that they are in the presence of a game moderator. This presence is often associated with enforcing the game's rules and reporting disruptive players, making the Mod Stick a symbol of justice in the virtual jungle.

The Mod Stick's power to report underscores the importance of fair play and sportsmanship in Gorilla Tag. Players must be mindful of their actions as moderators armed with this cosmetic item are vigilant in upholding the rules and ensuring a positive gaming experience for all.

How Do I Get the Mod Stick?

Obtaining the Mod Stick in Gorilla Tag is not something that can be done through regular gameplay or purchasing it as a cosmetic item. The Mod Stick is reserved exclusively for official moderators chosen by the game's developers. Here's what you need to know:

Become A Moderator

To get the Mod Stick, you must be selected as an official moderator for Gorilla Tag. This involves demonstrating a commitment to fair play, sportsmanship, and a positive gaming environment.

Selection Process

The developers handpick moderators based on their behavior, contributions to the community, and ability to enforce the game's rules effectively. There is no formal application process; moderators are chosen based on their merit and involvement in the game.


As a moderator, you will be responsible for monitoring gameplay, enforcing rules, and ensuring a positive experience for all players. The Mod Stick symbolizes this authority and the trust placed in you by the game's developers.

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Gorilla Tag Stick Justice

TTTPig, an official moderator for Gorilla Tag, has gained recognition for his Gorilla Tag stick justice videos. These videos showcase the responsibilities and authority that come with wielding the Mod Stick. TTTPig and other moderators serve as guardians of the game's community, ensuring that players have a fair and enjoyable experience.

In these Gorilla Tag stick justice videos, TTTPig demonstrates how he uses the Mod Stick to address rule violations and maintain order in Gorilla Tag lobbies. By showing the Mod Stick, TTTPig makes it clear to other players that he is a moderator with the authority to take action against disruptive or rule-breaking behavior.

Moderator Authority in Gorilla Tag Lobbies

Moderators in Gorilla Tag have the authority to address a wide range of issues, from minor rule infractions to more severe disruptions. The Mod Stick symbolizes their authority and acts as a visual cue to players that they should follow the rules and treat others with respect.

Instances of Stick Justice often involve moderators identifying players who engage in disruptive behavior, cheating, or harassment within the game. By wielding the Mod Stick, moderators can warn or take action against these individuals. In some cases, this may result in temporary or permanent bans from the game, depending on the severity of the violation.

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Trolling With The Gorilla Tag Mod Stick

Elliot, a renowned Gorilla Tag player, opted to prank fellow players to gauge their reactions. In the first prank, Antoca, disguised as a total newbie, sought out someone to teach him the game.

He'd inquire about acquiring a hat, only to hilariously reveal a mod stick when shown. Even when players attempted to guide him on obtaining cosmetics, he'd comically produce the stick instead.

For more of Elliot's trolling antics, check out the video linked below.

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6. ZyberVR Gorila Tag Long Arms Sticks For Quest 3


As Gorilla Tag continues to evolve, the Mod Stick remains a symbol of moderation authority and a testament to the dedication of those who uphold the game's rules. It reminds us that, in the world of Gorilla Tag, fairness and camaraderie go hand in hand, creating an environment where players can swing through the virtual treetops with joy and enthusiasm.

What's your most memorable experience with the Mod Stick in Gorilla Tag?

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