How to choose a suitable controller grips for your Quest 2

How to choose a suitable controller grips for your Quest 2

What's The Use Of Controller Grips For Meta Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 controller grips replace the controller's original straps, allowing you to play games safely and comfortably. These Quest 2 grips keep them from falling off as you start moving your hands inside of the virtual worlds and give you more flexibility in moving your hands around.

How To Choose A Suitable Oculus Quest 2 Controller Grips?

1. Easy to charge

Some Quest 2 controller grips include a rechargeable battery that can charge two controllers at the same time and takes only one hour to fully charge.

2. Comfortability

The Quest 2 controller grips are also ergonomically designed, allowing for comfortable use over long periods of time while reducing strain or discomfort on the wrists. Some have sponge handles to reduce vibration and absorb sweat, while others have anti-slip rubber handles to provide comfort and a steady grip at the same time, and yet others have a grasp simulator grain to prevent sweat slippage.

3. Materials

A good pair of Meta Quest 2 controller grips comes with a pair of impact-proof controller protectors that are specially designed not to block any signal on the halo. It must also be made of anti-flame ABS material to be safe and long-lasting.

4. Sweat-proof

The Quest 2 controller grips are sweat-resistant, so they won't slip off your hands. So, if you want to fully immerse yourself without losing your controllers, you should invest in ZyberVR's best grip covers.

5. Adjustability

The ZyberVR Direct-Charge Controller Grips can extend the length of your controller from 4.76 to 6.97 inches for a more comfortable grip. It is also suitable for different hand sizes due to the snug fit knuckle with elastic and adjustable strap.

Recommended Grips

Good grips keep your Quest 2 controllers safe and secure, but they will also provide ultimate comfort during long hours of gaming. These grips are simple to install and offer a secure fit that keeps your controllers in place regardless of how intense the game becomes.

ZyberVR KNIGHT USB-C Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover for Quest 2

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