Best VR games for Christmas holiday when family and friends are gathering

Best VR games for Christmas holiday when family and friends are gathering

Many of us have had the pleasure of a good VR workout, or the amazing sensation of sitting in a race car or going kayak through the crystal waters. VR also have a lighter side, with games that provide a pleasant pastime or purely some exciting entertainment for family and friends.

Top 10 Family And Friends VR Games

1. Golf+

GOLF+ is the one of the best VR Golf experiences, allowing you to play real-world courses with your family and friends. The ability to play different types of music or videos through the video player is a really nice concept in this game. This is a fantastic way to unwind with your family and friends. Everyone can hang out and watch videos, play mini-games like putt pong and play Topgolf.

To further enhance your VR golf gaming experience, you can purchase a golf club handle which you can attach to your controller so you would feel like you are really holding a real-world golf club.

2. Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing is a fun and visually appealing fishing game with a great atmosphere. The visuals and audio are mostly enjoyable, and the overall vibe is relaxing and entertaining. Real VR Fishing's multiplayer game mode is both friendly and competitive. You can play with up to three other pals and chat while catching fish. You can hold friendly competitions and photograph your catches.

Catching fish would be more fun using the ZyberVR all-in-one handles as you can attach the accessory to your controller so you'd have the sensation of holding a fishing rod.

3. Beat Saber

This game will undoubtedly get the entire family moving. Beat Saber includes a multiplayer mode that allows a group of people to channel their inner rhythmic Jedi together.

The best-selling dual handles of ZyberVR gives you the immersive sensation of swinging the saber while playing along with increasing your speed and improving your strength.

4. Puppet Fever

This clever family VR game requires only one VR headset to be enjoyed by everyone in the room. The VR player creates their own puppet show using a wide variety of 2D props. They will find themselves behind a stage, while their performance can be seen from the front on a connected screen. Different game modes allow you to create your own stories or produce word cards for a VR charade.

Puppet Fever may be addicting and the last thing you want is to run out of power during the most exciting part of the game. You may want to invest in a battery head strap so you wouldn’t be worried about holding back the enjoyment just because you ran out of battery.

5. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer online VR game in which you control a huge ape. The controls are the game's highlight, forcing you to imitate a gorilla's movements to navigate the map. This involves swinging your arms and having to push off of the floor or even other objects to push yourself forward.

This game is among the active communities in different platforms including TikTok and Discord. The ZyberVR dual handles has been the talk of the town as it helps extend your arms during the game.

6. Walkabout mini golf

As you putt your way across the brilliantly made courses, you can challenge your family and friends and gain access to bonus levels. The incredibly convincing physics provide the ideal experience for both hardcore golfers and laid-back players. You can also play a quick online match or set up a private room with up to 5 friends.

ZyberVR golf club handle’s shock-resistant iron core aircraft aluminum has the weight of 12.8oz/64g which is similar to the weight of a real golf club.

7. Pokerstars VR

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're playing poker inside a casino without leaving your family room, Pokerstars has you covered. You can now play online poker using your VR headset. All you have to do is sit with other players, chat, and interact with them, as you virtually play poker wherever you are.

Playing poker can sometimes be stressful so an elite head strap is a must, allowing you to enjoy the game comfortably.

8. Ironlights

Ironlights focuses on dealing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time and thereafter defending yourself. The catch is that you can't move beyond your space, so you'll have to rely on your arms for most of your defense. You compete against real people in online multiplayer to advance through the ranks and then become champion.

The best thing about this game is you can have a more immersive experience through the use of ZyberVR all-in-one handles that can be transformed into a sword.

9. Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis is a VR multiplayer game in which you compete against a computer opponent or against real human beings online. There are challenges to complete in the game, as well as a global leaderboard which you can jump as you play.

As with other games, VR ping pong is much better if you have something that mimics the feeling of holding a real ping pong paddle. The ZyberVR ping pong handle is lightweight so it won’t affect with your gameplay.

10. Population: ONE

Population: One is a battle royale game in which players compete in groups of three to be the last group standing. You are dropped into a large map at the beginning of each game. The gameplay area gets smaller as you move around, forcing you into close quarters with various enemies.

A pair of gun stock will make this game a whole lot of fun. It’s easy to assemble and is comfortable to hold.

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