ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock
ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock
ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock
ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock
ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock
ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock

ZyberVR Quest 3 Sky Tower Charging Dock

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• Technological ExperienceCombining our charging dock with a space station design and a ring-shaped RGB light strip adds a futuristic tech vibe to your charging experience.

• 30W Magnetic Fast Charging: Ensures fast charging for your Quest3 headset with a high power output of 15V=2A, reaching up to 30W. Charge your headset up to 60% in 1 hour and fully charge it in 2 hours.
Rechargeable Battery for Controller: Replace disposable AA batteries with this 1000mAh battery, which can be recharged over 500 times for long-term use.
• Compatibility and Convenience: Compatible with third-party head straps and equipped with an additional 5V=2A 10W output.
• Stylish Ambient Lighting: With three different lighting modes, our charging dock brings different atmospheric experiences. With a do-not-disturb mode, it ensures peaceful nights without disturbing your sleep.

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Product Issues

The rechargeable Ni-MH batteries in the controller have a nominal voltage of 1.4V, which is lower than that of alkaline batteries (1.5V). As a result, the controller power indicator on the headset will show 70%-85% when fully charged. However, this does not indicate that the batteries are not fully charged, nor that the capacity and runtime are low.

Check if the pins inside the battery covers are properly set. The charging problem with the controllers may have occurred because the pins on the inside of the battery covers were not pulled out far enough to make contact with the batteries.

To check for the issue, follow these steps.
First, remove the battery and wait for about ten seconds. Then, reinstall it.
Second, restart the headset and recharge it.
Finally, try swapping the left and right batteries.

If the problem persists, please contact us, and we will investigate further.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Works even with charging a charger

I asked my husband to help me to assemble this station and he said he will need to take the charging/power strap off for that and I got pretty sour about that because I didn't want to deal with that back and forward (just for the referral my strap is not Oculus one I got it from Amazon as well). He though for a minute and turns out you can just charge the power bank and power bank will charge the headset and it's so pretty awesome :D Lightning is beautiful!! And turns out you can switch it off too (it was a turns out for me personally but mentioning that just in case other people like me exist too lol) Recommend!

AV Club
Very Tron Looking, Smart Idea

I love having a safe place to put my oculus. The stand was easy to put together and the headset sits on it very easily. The USB C magnetic adapter fit perfectly and clicks right into place when I set it down. The controllers were a bit more finicky but I got them after a few tries. Make sure to have the battery facing the correct way so it makes contact with the battery contact points in the removable battery compartment cover. Putting the controllers on the dock, make sure that the little purple lights for each controller is lit up so you know it's charging. The battery life so far has been just what I need but I haven't really pushed it. I do like that I can turn off the charging led lights when I'm sleeping. I really like that I can look at the dock and know right away that everything is properly charged. Not a bad little device for the price.

Edgar Z.Edgar Z.
A Stylish Way to Charge Your Quest 3

Zyber made a charging dock that looks amazing. The RGB lights are really good quality and the whole thing has a nice cyberpunk feel to it. The stand has some good weight to it, doesn't feel cheap at all. The magnetic plug that goes into the type C port on the Quest 3 allows for magnetic charging when you set the Quest 3 on the base. The downside to this is if you have an elite battery strap or any extended battery that you plug into the Quest 3's type C port, you'll have to disconnect it to charge the VR headset with the magnets. There is additional ports on the back of the base that allow you to run a cable and charge your extended battery. The rechargeable batteries for the controllers work perfectly. Make sure to install them correctly or they won't charge. The controller slot into the dock in a very confirming way that makes it almost impossible to not get good contact. Another thing that is good but can also become annoying is when either the Quest 3 or the controllers are set to charge on the dock, there is a loud beep to inform you that the dock is charging. There is also another beep when they are fully charged. The annoyance is that you might get some random beeps as they sit on the dock as the battery might slightly dip in charge and kick on the dock charging, and beep. Then beep again not soon after as it fully charges. I wish the beep could be turned off, or if the beep was a more pleasant sound, currently it sounds like my microwave going off. Besides that this is a compact dock that doesn't take up much space and in my opinion one of the best looking docks for the Quest 3.

Gets the job done!

I love that I can charge my headset, controllers and strap with battery pack at the same time! They only downside is that it appears that the light indicators for the controllers doesn't work. So I have no way of knowing if they are charged or not. It also doesn't tell me in the headset when I look at the settings. They have never been at 100%. I don't know if that is a rechargeable battery issue or what...I've just been recharging the controllers on the weekend and that seems to work for now...

Love Peace
Nice charging stand for Quest 3

This charging dock is a very nice accessory for my Quest 3. It comes with its own covers, rechargeable batteries, instruction manual, and is very easy to set up. I like the dock's magnetic connections which making attaching the headset effortless and the charging indicator for showing the charging status. The status LED can be overwhelmingly bright which would not be ideal for leaving it on in my bedroom.Overall, a very convenient way to recharging my Quest 3.

Eric Taylor-Wise
Good charging dock for your Quest 3

This is a nice charging dock for your Quest 3. It's good quality and goes together easily.A really nice feature is it has an additional port in the back for charging a battery pack...nice touch.The rgb is fine but is extremely bright...you can turn this off if needed, but then you don't see when your headset is fully charged. It's actually the clear vertical post that is very bright. It also has sound and vibration to alert you to charge status.One problem is the horizontal support piece for your headset. It does seem a bit flimsy for a halo style strap with a battery pack on it...I really think this will flex down after time. It could really use a little triangular support piece to the vertical column to bear some of the weight of a heavier headset. Even so, my Zyber halo strap fits easily with just a little adjustment to the back piece to catch the support.It comes with 2 batteries and covers for your hand controllers which are easy to install effortlessly charge when inserted into the base. I haven't drained my controllers fully so I don't know how long a full charge will take, but it seemed to top the batteries up in less than an hour. Yay! No more changing batteries!The dock comes with a magnetic insert for the charge port and does not use the charge connectors on the bottom of the headset. The headset takes a bit longer to charge...maybe 1.5 hours from about 40% to full. I don't know if it's affected by having a battery pack charging at the same time. I'm sure somebody will do a more thorough review than me.Overall, I really like this dock. It keeps my gear contained and always fully charged. Definitely get this when there's an offer on...currently 20% off.

Charges a Quest 2

While the controller covers are too small for the Quest 2, the controller batteries work and the device lights-up and charges the headset correctly. I like that I can see when the headset is ready from across the room, and I like that it holds the Quest up in the air, rather than in a box or just loosely laying around. Great item!

Nice But...

This is a nice looking charging dock for my Quest 3, I like the lights and also the fact is can charge not only my headset but it can charge my headset strap battery at the same time. The cord comes out of the back of the unit to charge that. I like the magnetic ends on the charger cord too, this makes it easy for my daughter to unplug and put back on the charger without damaging my cord or charging input on the headset. There are a couple of things that I don't like, one being that the plastic adapter that holds the magnetic end of the cable to the stand where the cable input is on the headset, doesn't always line up, or if it does line up, it will stop charging a little while later. I ended up removing the plastic adapter that mounts the cable to the stand and I just stick the cable end on the magnet manually, it works perfectly now. The second thing is that there is no way to charge your controllers if you have a rubber grips on them. So you have to choose to have the rubber grips OR use the controller recharge option. I chose to keep my grips, overall I like the stand and will continue to use it.I hope this review and pics were helpful.

Controller battery door update

The ZYBER RGB Charging Dock for Meta Quest 3 is a nice addition for your MetaQuest 3. Its custom design looks slick and is really functional. It allows for simultaneous charging of the Quest 3 headset and controllers. The fast-charging feature is impressive, fully powering the headset in just 1.5 hours and the controllers in under 2 hours. Even when charging all components together, the process is efficient.What sets this dock apart is its aesthetic. The 3-mode RGB switching offers a cool, techy ambiance with options like Ice blue, purple, and colorful gradients, elevating the overall look of the charging station. The LED indicators are stylish and practical, making it easy to monitor the charging status. I am glad I picked this model.

Sherman F
Best way to charge your Meta Quest 3

This space station designed docking station adds a tech vibe to your charging experience. It's like docking your Quest 3 in a sci-fi universe. Effortless Charging: Placing the headset onto the magnetic charging connector feels magical. It pops right in with zero effort, no fumbling with cables or awkward angles.Fast Charging: With 30W magnetic fast-charging capability, this dock ensures rapid charging for the Quest 3 headset. It reaches up to 60% charge in just one hour and fully charges in two hours.Complete Solution: The charging dock includes two rechargeable batteries for your Touch Plus controllers. No more scrambling for fresh batteries just switch less and play more.Sturdy Build: The thoughtful design ensures stability when placing the headset. It's secure, reliable, and looks impressive on any desk or gaming setup.

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