Must Have Quest 2 VR Accessories Of 2024 (Keep Updating)

Must Have Quest 2 VR Accessories Of 2024 (Keep Updating)

Currently the VR technology is mostly used in video games and filming. If you want to experience extraordinary game experience, you should have a try on the VR headset. And Oculus Quest (now named as Meta Quest) is the most mature VR headset with an very economic price and rich apps for different purposes. It supports rhythmic games like Beat Saber, fitness/sports games like boxing, golf, stream games like Half-Life: Alyx, puzzle games, and so on.

When playing VR rhythmic games like Beat Saber, you can relax your full body, exercise your arms, legs and wrist. In the VR boxing game, you can experience the pleasure of power and fighting. In the pingpong game, you could race and exchange skills with pingpong enthusiasts all round the world just like in the real world. In the shooting game, you could experience FPS. And there are much more games waiting for you to explore, like rock climbing, boating, tennis, RPG games, and so on. If you pair with the related professional accessories, you could get some immersed and real experience.

The original Oculus Quest package has a headset and a pair of controllers inside, which is the basic condition for you to start playing VR. There's a slew of Quest 2 accessories available to make you feel more comfortable and enrich your VR experience while playing. We have divided them into several categories:

1. Case & Organizer
2. Charging & Cable
3. Upgraded Comfort
4. Extended Game Experience

We will introduce some typical products in each categories.

#1. Case & Organizer

1. ZyberVR Sling Bag with Charging Port

Want to bring your VR headset to the party or travel? This sling bag is perfect for you. Protect and charge your devices anywhere to set your hands free!

Case Size: 12.99"* 9.44"* 5.7"

2. Cable Management for Oculus Quest 2

If you have been bothered by tangled wire when playing stream games, the VR ceiling pulley system makes you move smoothly. And it is easy to set up under the user manual.

Package: VR Cable Management*6 + Hook Screw*6 + Screw Cap*6 + Wall Stick*8 + Hex Wrench*2 + Ring Hook*1 + User Guide*1

#2. Charging & Cable

1. ZyberVR Charging Dock for Quest 2 Headset and Controllers

Are you still leaving your headset everywhere and forgetting to charge it? Give your headset and controllers a chargeable home. This charging dock is specially built to charge the Quest 2 headset, controllers, and battery head strap simultaneously. Featuring a straightforward design and easy-to-read LED.

2. 16ft/5m USB-C Link Cable for VR Headset

You can play PC VR games on your Quest 2 but you need a Link cable, although Meta has been refining its Air Link wireless option (over Wi-Fi) to be more reliable. The official Oculus Link Cable costs $79, but lots of less expensive versions are available, like this ZyberVR cable link below.

3. ZyberVR Charging Cable


4. ZyberVR Magnetic Battery Pack

5. ZyberVR Direct-Charge Knight Controller Grips

#3 Upgraded Comfort

1. ZyberVR Battery Head Strap for Quest 2 

Eliminate the trouble of frequent charging. Head strap for oculus 2 headset built-in 6000mAh recharge battery,extend 4-6 hours playtime in VR games or watching VR shows or movies up to 8 hours.

2. Four-in-One Face Cover Set for Oculus Quest 2

Breathable and soft material, easy to take apart the foam pad and clear it up.

This Package includes:

    • shaped vent facial interface bracket x1,
    • PU leather face pad x1,
    • Oculus quest 2 lens protector x1,
    • Anti-light leakage nose pad x1

Resilient and durable vent design facial interface bracket with soft memory foam face pad reduce face pressure when you wearing quest 2 headset.

3. Disposable Oculus Quest 2 Face Covers for Oculus Quest 2

PERSONAL OR COMMERCIAL USE: It is not only for personal use but also perfect for improving gaming experience and keeping clean in virtual reality game exhibitions, events, etc.

4. Prescription Lenses Inserts for Oculus Quest 2

You can certainly play with the Quest 2 while wearing glasses, but it is more comfortable without glasses. That's where a set of prescription lens inserts comes in. ZyberVR have wide range and rich choices for your eyes. And it is easy enough to remove so someone who doesn't require glasses can play.

5. ZyberVR Night IR Light

#4. Extension

1. 3-in-1 Controller Extended Handle for Quest 2

This controller extension has three modes: short handle, long handle, dual handle for versatile uses in Beat Saber or Golf games. Each handle pre-inserts two adjustable weight bars. So no matter if you want speed or heavy, these handles could meet your requirement.

2. ZyberVR Golf Club Handle for Quest 2

3. ZyberVR Gun Stock for Quest 2

Appropriate weight balance makes you conveniently control and grip your Oculus Quest 2 Controllers. More Immersive experiences in FPS VR games like: Half Life, Alyx, Pistol sWhip and Super hot etc.

4. ZyberVR Table Tennis Paddle Grip Handle for Quest 2

Quest2 has a couple of excellent table tennis games that are already shockingly realistic (like Eleven Table Tennis). But if you want to add even more, turn your Quest controller into what feels like a real ping-pong paddle with a paddle grip. The weight balance is a little different, but it's close enough to give you the sensation you're truly holding one. It's a little hardcore, but it's a must-have if you play a lot of virtual table tennis.

This tennis paddle is suitable for both the left and right controller, suitable for both right and left handed people. And it is easy to set and take off, anti dropped buckle lets you enjoy playing without worries.

5. ZyberVR Multi-Purpose Handles


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