The Best Meta Quest Fitness Games For 2024 And Recommended VR Accessories

The Best Meta Quest Fitness Games For 2024 And Recommended VR Accessories

Sports and fitness-related video games may be found in abundance within the Meta Quest store, all of which are clamoring for your attention. But how can you tell which workouts will become a regular part of your fitness routine? We have compiled and reviewed 5 of the best VR fitness games in order to determine the answer to the question.

1. Beat Saber

beat saeber, video games, vr fitness, vr workout, vr exceciseUsing a VR headset such as the Oculus Quest 2, Beat Saber is not just one of the best VR games available, but also one of the best ways to keep in shape. Its interactive gameplay involves slicing red and blue blocks with two laser swords while listening to upbeat music; it's kind of like an aggressive form of Guitar Hero.

You must also avoid floating barriers that are directed your way by dodging around and under them. The note blocks will come at you thick and fast as you increase the difficulty. The burn will be felt throughout your entire body but Beat Saber's excellent music choices will make it simple for you to keep pushing yourself to meet your objectives.

Leaderboards and a variety of gameplay options also provide an unrivaled level of replayability. The VR Institute of Health and Exercise has rated Beat Saber's fitness as being comparable to tennis and as burning 7.5 calories per minute, or about the same as rowing.

2. Ohshape

Ohshape, video games, vr fitness, vr workout, vr exceciseOhShape is yet another top Oculus Quest 2 VR fitness game. The players' bodies must fit a hole in a moving wall. Although it appears straightforward, you'll need to punch and avoid obstacles, and the speed gradually increases. All ages find it to be a great workout, and the possibility to play personalized songs makes it a lot more replayable.

OhShape is an entertaining, fast rhythmic game with great fitness potential. Punch obstacles combine with the wall mechanics, which include cutout poses as well as overlapping walls that should be totally avoided, to offer a wide variety of possible movement. The 12 OST levels, which choreographers meticulously created to feel immersive and intuitively dancey, demonstrate this potential.

3. FitXR

fitxr, video game, vr fitness, vr workout, vr exceciseFitXR, which previously went by the name BoxVR but now provides a lot more than simply boxing workouts, has been given a new name. It is a full-body exercise program designed by personal trainers. Whether you are doing a class with other people or just listening to hours of music alone, your legs and core will also get toned. 

While the increased variety of boxing motions and FitXR's capacity to test the player's fitness at any level may be noticeable to users of the original BoxVR, some functions may be missing. One significant limitation is that FitXR has switched to a monthly membership plan; however, users of the older app version are still free to keep their content.

4. Supernatural

super natural, video game, vr fitness, vr workout, vr exceciseYou can maximize the benefits of your at-home workouts with the help of the linked fitness app called the Supernatural. You can exercise with instruction from coaches, visit amazing destinations while getting healthy, and choose from a variety of difficulty levels thanks to the daily addition of new exercises.

It includes a good amount of statistics as to how your workouts are doing and was created especially for fitness aficionados. In order to keep you motivated, it recently introduced goals and streaks and received excellent post-launch support.

5. Dance Central

dance central, video game, vr fitness, vr workout, vr exceciseYou may dance along with songs like "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar by playing Dance Central VR, a famous dancing game that has been converted for virtual reality. You will pick up some enjoyable, calorie-burning choreography while playing this fantastic dancing game.

Even the clumsiest gamer may have fun learning to dance thanks to the many difficulty levels. Dance Central is a game that should be played and may easily form the basis of a calorie-burning routine due to its awesome music, fully complete campaign, and abundance of modifiers and modes.

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