The Secret Of Retropolis – VR Detective Game Overview

The Secret Of Retropolis – VR Detective Game Overview

The Secret of Retropolis, a creation of Peanut Button, seamlessly blends the charm of old-school point-and-click adventures with modern VR technology, resulting in an immersive experience that's both visually stunning and engagingly interactive. In this article, we'll journey through the world of one of the best Quest 2 games, The Secret of Retropolis, exploring its gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, audio design, accessibility features, and more.

The Secret of Retropolis Gameplay Mechanics

The Secret of Retropolis’ pre-scripted dialogues, brimming with humor and impact, offer a range of responses that players can select. These choices, now with color-coded significance, possess the power to intricately shape the unfolding narrative. The game's mechanics brilliantly marry interactivity with immersion, letting players steer the story's direction while engaging with its richly crafted characters and mysteries.

Episodic Format

Divided into two captivating episodes, the game maintains the episodic structure that has proven successful. Players must complete the first episode before accessing the second, adding a layer of anticipation and suspense to the experience. This narrative progression heightens player engagement, with each episode unraveling new layers of the retro-futuristic noir world.

Visual Aesthetic

Visually, this game remains true to its retro-futuristic roots. The game's graphics, meticulously created using Quill, evoke the charm of hand-drawn cartoons. This careful craftsmanship imbues the game with a distinctive visual flair that sets it apart from conventional VR experiences. While the assets prioritize colors over textures, the game's visuals masterfully adapt to the limitations of platforms like Meta Quest, preserving its nostalgic allure.

Atmosphere and Audio Experience

The sequel continues its prowess in audio design, skillfully harmonizing with the game's noir ambiance. The soundtrack, a symphony of melodies that perfectly complement each scene's mood, draws players deeper into the world of Retropolis. From the tender serenades of a club setting to the enigmatic scores accompanying challenging puzzles, the audio design further enriches the immersive experience.


Peanut Button's commitment to accessibility takes center stage once again. The seated gameplay mechanic ensures player comfort throughout the experience, extending the game's reach to those with varying mobility. Subtitles remain available for a more inclusive gaming environment, catering not only to non-native English speakers but also to players with hearing impairments.

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The enriched gameplay mechanics empower players with agency and choice-driven storytelling. The episodic structure maintains a suspenseful rhythm, while the captivating visual style and thoughtfully composed audio transport players to an atmospheric world. Peanut Button's dedication to accessibility ensures that all players can partake in this adventure, and the inventive interaction choices intensify the sense of immersion.

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