Top 15 VR Content Creators You Need To Watch In 2024

Top 15 VR Content Creators You Need To Watch In 2024

YouTube stands out as a prime platform for VR enthusiasts to explore the latest news, game reviews, and hardware updates. With billions of active users worldwide, YouTube offers a vast selection of VR content creators who provide a wide range of experiences from gaming to educational content.

What Is A VR Content Creator?

A VR content creator is someone who produces videos, streams, or other media focused on virtual reality. These creators use VR technology to engage their audience and provide unique, immersive experiences. They create content such as game reviews, hardware tutorials, gameplay videos, and educational pieces, showcasing the potential and fun of VR technology.

List Of The Best VR YouTube Channels For VR Enthusiasts

1. Thrillseeker

Thrillseeker is renowned for his comprehensive coverage of VR hardware and news. His channel focuses on new VR headsets, body tracking, and haptic suits, making it a go-to source for anyone interested in the latest VR technology.

Thrillseeker combines news, reviews, and in-depth analysis with a touch of humor, providing a well-rounded viewing experience. He is dedicated to creating high-quality content and keeping his audience informed about the latest advancements in VR and AR.

2. Habie147

Habie147 is known for his charismatic and humorous approach to VR gaming. With a unique editing style and engaging personality, Habie147's channel is a must-watch for fans of VR games. His videos cover a range of VR games, from Fallout 76 expansions to Blade and Sorcery updates. Habie147's smooth delivery and entertaining commentary make his channel a favorite among VR gamers.

3. Nathie

Nathie has been a prominent figure in the VR community for many years. His channel is the number one source for all things Meta Quest. Nathie covers game showcases, hidden features, and hardware reviews, providing valuable insights for VR enthusiasts.

He explores VR technology with headsets like the Oculus Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro, and PSVR2. Nathie's goal is to showcase the wonders of VR and inspire others to embrace this incredible technology.

4. A Wolf in VR

A Wolf in VR offers long-form let's plays and full game playthroughs of VR games. His channel is perfect for those who enjoy watching VR gaming from start to finish. A Wolf in VR covers both large and small VR games, providing detailed commentary without over-the-top reactions. His channel offers a relaxed and engaging viewing experience for anyone interested in VR gaming.

5. UpIsNotJump

UpIsNotJump is best known for his 'nightmare' series of game reviews. While not all his content focuses on VR, a significant portion does, making his channel an interesting mix of VR and non-VR content. His high-energy editing style and entertaining reviews provide a fun and dynamic viewing experience. UpIsNotJump's unique approach to game reviews makes his channel stand out in the VR content creator community.

6. Without Parole

Without Parole is the go-to channel for anything related to PlayStation VR. This channel offers game release trailers, reviews, and weekly news updates. Without Parole is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the PSVR2, making it an essential resource for PlayStation VR fans.

7. The Mysticle

The Mysticle focuses on VR news, particularly around Meta Quest and PC VR software and hardware. If you want to stay updated on the latest changes in the PC VR scene, The Mysticle's channel is a great choice. The channel regularly uploads content, providing timely updates and in-depth reviews of VR technology and games.

8. OtterWorldly

OtterWorldly creates mixed reality VR videos, featuring popular games like Beat Saber and Synth Riders. His channel combines VR gameplay with fitness, offering a unique take on VR content. OtterWorldly's engaging videos provide a fun way to explore VR gaming and stay active at the same time.

9. Beardo Benjo

Beardo Benjo blends information and entertainment in his VR content. His channel features regular uploads of VR game reviews, playthroughs, and humorous content. Beardo Benjo's engaging personality and informative videos make his channel a valuable resource for VR enthusiasts.

10. Cas and Chary

Cas and Chary are a duo passionate about VR, AR, and beyond. Their channel covers a wide range of topics, including hardware, games, live streams, and more. Cas and Chary aim to inform and excite viewers about the VR industry, making their channel a great source of diverse VR content.

11. Gamertag VR

Gamertag VR focuses on delivering honest reviews and entertaining content across all virtual reality platforms. His channel provides viewers with reliable insights into VR games and technology. Gamertag VR is dedicated to helping viewers make informed decisions about VR products through thorough and engaging reviews.

12. JoshDub

JoshDub is well-known for his humorous VR memes and engaging VR gaming content. His channel is popular among VR enthusiasts who enjoy fun and light-hearted VR videos. JoshDub's unique approach to VR content has earned him a large following and a reputation for creating entertaining VR experiences.

13. Zulushi

Zulushi, also known as Jonas, is a VR content creator with a passion for gaming, tech, and Star Wars. His channel covers a wide range of topics, providing viewers with diverse and interesting content. Zulushi's friendly and engaging style makes his channel a great place for VR enthusiasts to explore new games and technology.

14. EddieVR

EddieVR is a Mexican VR gamer known for his fun and playful approach to VR content. His channel is filled with humorous VR gaming videos that entertain and engage his audience. EddieVR's charismatic personality and entertaining content make his channel a favorite among VR gamers.

15. Tyriel Wood

Tyriel Wood is a tech VR/AR YouTuber known for his high-quality videos. His channel provides in-depth reviews and insights into the latest VR and AR technology. Tyriel Wood's informative and well-produced videos make his channel a valuable resource for anyone interested in VR technology.

How To Become A VR Creator?

To become a VR creator, start by developing a genuine interest and passion for VR technology. Stay updated on the latest VR trends and advancements by engaging with the VR community through forums, social media groups, and online discussions.

Consistently create and upload content to build your audience, and continuously improve your recording, editing, and presentation skills. Engaging with your viewers and taking their feedback into account can also help you grow as a VR content creator.

Where To Get VR Content?

You can find VR content from various sources. YouTube is a major platform where many VR content creators upload videos and live streams. VR stores like the Meta Quest Store, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR Store offer a wide range of VR games and apps.

Additionally, social media platforms such as X, Facebook, and Reddit host VR creators and communities that share the latest content and updates. VR news websites also provide links to new content and offer reviews and updates on the latest VR technology.

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Virtual reality is growing fast and these content creators are leading the way. They offer a mix of fun, information, and helpful tips about VR games and technology. Whether you're new to VR or already a fan, these channels have something for you. Check them out to stay updated and enjoy the exciting world of virtual reality.

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