Top 6 VR Games Like Gorilla Tag You Should Try

Top 6 VR Games Like Gorilla Tag You Should Try

In Gorilla Tag, players take on the roles of gorillas and use their arms to swing, climb, and tag each other in a fun and fast-paced game of tag. This is what sets Gorilla Tag apart from other VR games is its unique hand-based locomotion.

Given the success of Gorilla Tag, many players are on the lookout for other VR games that offer similar thrills. In this article, we will explore several VR titles that capture the spirit of Gorilla Tag, each with its own unique twist on the genre.

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1. Flipout

Flipout is a unique VR game that immerses players in the life of a turtle. Players can swim around using intuitive mechanics that mimic real-life swimming styles such as butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle. This game stands out for its natural, button-free control scheme, allowing players to move through the water just like a real turtle.

Players can explore underwater worlds, perform tricks on diving boards, and search for hidden treasures. The game offers both solo and multiplayer modes, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful swim alone or compete with friends in a public or private game.

2. Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a quirky, free-to-play VR game where players become monkeys racing to collect bananas. The game also includes a fun twist where players can throw monkey "doo doo" at each other to gain a competitive edge.

This game features unique locomotion mechanics that mimic the movements of real monkeys. Players can jump, swing, and climb in a vibrant jungle environment. The competitive multiplayer gameplay keeps players engaged as they race to collect the most bananas while avoiding obstacles and other players' projectiles.

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3. Gorilla Soccer

Gorilla Soccer combines the excitement of soccer with the fun of playing as a gorilla. This VR game uses hand-based locomotion inspired by Gorilla Tag, allowing players to run, jump, and hit the ball using only their hands.

The gameplay in Gorilla Soccer is similar to traditional soccer but with a twist. Players control gorillas and use hand movements to navigate the field and score goals. The game emphasizes physical activity and strategy, making each match dynamic and engaging.

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4. Everything Has Arms

Everything Has Arms is a multiplayer VR prop-hunt game where players can disguise themselves as various objects. In this fast-paced game of hide-and-seek, one team plays as hunters while the other team mimics everyday items, trying to blend in and avoid detection.

The game's unique mechanics allow mimics to possess objects and hide in plain sight. Hunters must find and catch these disguised players using their keen observation skills. Mimics can score points by high-fiving other mimics without getting caught, adding a fun and competitive element to the game.

5. No More Rainbows

No More Rainbows is a story-driven platforming adventure game where players use arm-based locomotion to navigate through various worlds. Players take on the role of The Beast, tasked with restoring balance to a once-dark and ominous underworld that has been transformed into a cheerful, colorful place.

The game features a rich storyline with multiple campaign worlds to explore. Each world offers unique challenges and environments. In addition to the campaign, No More Rainbows includes exciting multiplayer modes and intense boss encounters that test players' skills and strategy.

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6. Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape takes players to a candy-themed world where they must climb and race through giant candy courses. The game's colorful and whimsical environment provides a fun and challenging backdrop for competitive climbing.

Players engage in multiplayer races, scaling huge candy structures and navigating through sweet-themed obstacles. Sweet Escape offers customizable gameplay experiences with various game modes, including time trials and team-based challenges, catering to different play styles.

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If you enjoyed Gorilla Tag, these games are worth checking out. They each provide a different take on VR gameplay, utilizing creative locomotion mechanics and offering both solo and multiplayer modes to suit your preference.

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