Why Do You Need Prescription Lens Inserts For VR Headsets

Why Do You Need Prescription Lens Inserts For VR Headsets

The graphics of virtual reality are among its essential aspects. Without them, all you have are a pair of headphones. However, VR may not be the most accommodating experience for a person who needs glasses to focus on reality.

Wearing a VR headset might be challenging for VR users who need corrective lenses. Some people may benefit from using contact lenses, while some people can't or don't want to. These people may find it uncomfortable and risk harming their pricey equipment and corrective eyewear if they attempt to wear their Quest 2 headset over a pair of eyeglasses.

Therefore, you don't want to take the chance of damaging your glasses or Quest headset's lenses or having to cope with the potential pain of having the headset's facial interface rub against your eyeglasses. Additionally, you don't want to deal with the expense and hassle of purchasing contact lenses, which will only cause your sessions to be shorter and leave you with aching eyes and dry eyes.

Moreover, you probably don't want to spend an additional $4,500 on Lasik eye surgery. There is one more choice left: putting your VR headset's prescription lenses in.

Who Can Wear Prescription Glasses?

If you regularly wear glasses, you might want to think about getting a set of prescription lenses for your Meta Quest 2. However, some users who wear glasses don't always automatically need prescription lenses for their VR headsets due to the variety of vision difficulties that call for prescription corrective lenses. This comprises people who have mild myopia, or mild nearsightedness, and who normally only need to wear glasses when performing complex tasks or using a computer.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Glasses While Playing VR

1. Your lenses will be scratched

There might not be much distance between you and the Quest 2's lenses, depending on the unique form of your eyes. Frequently, there isn't even enough to fit a pair of ordinary eyeglass lenses. Even when there is, any sudden movement can cause lenses to slam against one another and possibly damage one another.

2. It’s uncomfortable

There are countless ways that headsets and eyeglasses can conflict with one another depending on the user's head shape, the placement of their ears, the type of eyeglasses they are wearing, and the design of the product. It's unlikely that wearing both at once will just be comfortable enough to sustain many hours of simultaneous use, regardless if they can work together to some extent.

Benefits Of Wearing Prescription Glasses

VR prescription lenses are made to be attached to your headset and placed between your eyes and the original lenses of the head-mounted display.  This enables them to firmly fit inside the tiny space between your eyes and the VR headset and offer the vision correction you want.

Additionally, its strong mounting prevents any headset movement from resulting in a lens collision. Also, because they are almost constantly in your headset, you can always put them on without having to make any other adjustments.

Are Prescription Lenses Suitable For The Quest 2?

Lenses must be customized to fit each VR headset due to the wide variety of VR headsets available today and their unique designs. The good news is that prescription lenses work with the Meta Quest 2.

Where To Get Them

Unfortunately, you cannot simply order a pair of prescription lenses from your local eyewear store. Luckily, ZyberVR offers them so you could avoid being affected by the stress and discomfort of wearing a prescription glass.

The lens is simple to put on and take off, and the frame is built of a solid aluminum alloy with three powerful magnets for long-lasting use.

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