How to grip the Oculus Quest 2 controller while playing Beat Saber and recommended grips accessories

How to grip the Oculus Quest 2 controller while playing Beat Saber and recommended grips accessories

When playing Beat Saber with Oculus Quest 2, your objective is to slice through the approaching beat blocks. Things become increasingly difficult and timing and accuracy are key. Different players employ a variety of strategies, but sadly, what works for one person might not always work for another.

You might want to try a different Beat Saber grip if some of the tricks you found aren't working. It is the right choice if you discover anything that genuinely improves your performance and makes it simpler while you're at it. You can browse through a variety of Beat Saber grips online and choose your favorite.

What’s the best way to hold controllers on Oculus Quest 2?

To easily slice those back-to-back beats throughout the fast parts of the songs, make your wrist and arm more flexible. To get each of those beat blocks without slowing down, you will need to change your grip and wrist motion. It will take significantly longer to slice them if you are using your entire arm.

While playing, you can push any button on the controllers apart from the pause button as well as all 4 triggers. Some gamers improved their grip significantly once they began holding the triggers down.

There are different types of Beat Saber grips you can try and experiment on:

  • Default Grip – Your hands should be on the controller and your index finger should be on the trigger. This is basically how you hold your controller in any other VR game.
  • X-Grip – This is where you wrap the strap through the loop around the middle finger.
  • Claw – This is where you position both your index and middle finger inside the loop, looking like a claw.
  • Palm – In this kind of grip, your index, middle, ring, and little finger are all inside the loop and the middle finger is the one in control of the trigger.

how to grip oculus quest 2 while playing beat saber

Recommend Products:

Slash those beats with much more fun and comfort by enhancing your workout with these 3 Beat Saber accessories.

1. ZyberVR All-In-One Handles

Take action and become a Beat Saber expert by using this Beat Saber accessory! With the help of this product, you may enhance your technique and get a better score. Each extender's removable 300 g weight will increase the intensity of your workout and help you burn more calories.

2. ZyberVR Dual Handles

Sweat is absorbed and the comfy sponge handle cover lessens the vibration so your hands won't sweat like crazy while playing. Best for Beat Saber gaming!

3.ZyberVR Knight Controller Grips




4. ZyberVR Multi-Purpose Handles


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