ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap
ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap

ZyberVR ACE Quest 3 Elite Strap

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Art.nr: Q3-AL01
  • Reduce facial pressure: It adopts a suspended design and supports multi-point adjustment to evenly transfer the original facial pressure of the host to the head. It can be flipped 90° from front to back for easy wearing and lifting.
  • Suitable for glasses wear: Longer arms accommodate glasses wearers, and extended buckles allow for easy installation and removal.
  • Novel technological design: The streamlined side strap design of the aircraft tail can not only provide sufficient stability and mechanical structure, but also bring a unique and futuristic appearance.
  • Maintain a perfect hairstyle: Leave the forehead area empty to ensure comfort and breathability, avoid center parting, and is widely adapted to head circumferences 20.9"-25.6".
  • Unified design with Quest 3: Seamlessly blends with the headset's design to provide a unified and stylish look.
Type:Elite Strap

Customer Reviews

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emil szpulecki


Great, far more comfortable and better weight balance than original and Elite

The raise feature is great, the top regulator helps as well even if it could have had a thicker pad but it might be because I've a small head. If you experiement you can get the weight distro just right and it's a blessing to play in VR.


Not as balanced as a battery strap, but also much cheaper. It's a massive improvement over the strap that comes with the quest 3. Would order again

Best of many

I've used 5 headstraps at this point and this one came out as the clear winner. It's got the best of all worlds with the easy to adjust top of the head pad, the easy snap on rails, the versatile and good for laying down rubber back design, and no annoying strap that goes over the top of your head. They borrowed from the best design elements of all the other straps and picked the best of all worlds.

Brandi F

Great head strap. I love that it has two adjustment knobs, you can get the perfect fit. It balances out the quest nicely and keeps the pressure off and avoids neck fatigue. I would recommend this.

Spencer Scott HolmesSpencer Scott Holmes
This head strap is the one!!!

I have gone through 3 previous different head straps till I found this one here. The original one that came with the Meta Quest 3, then 2 other off brand type ones. The offbrands got progressively better in comfort and clarity with each one. But I was still always having to dial them in every little while. The biggest issue is always keeping the Quest in focus. If it tilts the wrong way just slightly, it starts to fade out. Making me tighten the living daylights out of the other straps just to keep it locked in and smashing on my head and face.This one here has had no problem in any of those departments. With both a top and back adjustable knob and pads, the unit stays on nicely. Doesn't have to be overly tight and the best and most important part. The system stays in focus the whole time. Back in business!I saw one on Tom's Guide that was this same style and they said it was the best overall. So, that's how I went in picking this model. It literally has been a game changer and makes my Quest experience marvelous. Highly recommended. All killer, no filler.

K Dinan
Very nice quality

I really like the head set and the comfort on this! Other products have a very rough strap and they were way too tight. This one is very adjustable and very comfy.

Great with my quest

The Plexus Trade diatomaceous earth stone bath mat is unlike any other. It's quick-drying and super absorbent, keeping my bathroom floor dry and safe. The non-slip feature adds to its safety, and its eco-friendly material is a bonus. The sleek grey design complements my bathroom decor beautifully.

Super comfortable

This is my second ZYBER head strap but a different model than the first one, and I just love their products. It is super comfortable and very supportive. Take the weight of the nose and cheeks.You can lift the goggles up for a break or doing something else, and don't have to even take it off of your head.I just love the adjustable top strap in addition to the rear. It allows me to perfectly adjust it to my needs or fine tune it during use.Very easy installation.Great quality and a great product.

Very nice upgrade

After playing with the standard strap that came with our Quest 3, we upgraded to the "deluxe" version - also made by Meta. It was a nice upgrade, but this is another step up from that one. Even the "deluxe" Meta version still allowed much of the weight of the VR glasses to rest on my nose, which made it miserable to play for much more than 30-40 minutes at a time.This head strap takes all the weight off my nose, and I really appreciate that. It took a few tries to get all the adjustments just right - there are a lot of adjustments available - but tinkering a bit with it was all worthwhile to get the VR set to fit comfortably and stay comfortable for a couple of hours.

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