How To Install DeoVR On The Pico 4

How To Install DeoVR On The Pico 4

If you're the proud owner of a Pico 4 VR headset and you're itching to plunge into the mesmerizing realm of DeoVR, you're in for a treat! This comprehensive guide will escort you through not one but two straightforward methods for installing DeoVR on your trusty Pico 4. DeoVR is like a special video player for VR that lets you watch all sorts of immersive stuff, and it works great on the Pico 4.

What Is DeoVR?

DeoVR stands as a VR media player, granting users access to a diverse spectrum of VR content, ranging from immersive 360-degree videos to complete VR adventures. This powerful software has been skillfully crafted to deliver flawless VR content playback on a multitude of VR headsets, Pico 4 included. With DeoVR at your disposal, you can indulge in breathtaking visuals and enveloping auditory experiences, establishing it as an indispensable application for every VR enthusiast out there.

Installing Via DeoVR from the Pico 4 Store

The easiest way to acquire DeoVR on your Pico 4 is by directly downloading it from the Pico 4 store. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open the Pico 4 store on your headset.
  2. Use the search feature or explore the new releases section to find DeoVR.
  3. Once you locate it, click on DeoVR to access its details.
  4. Select "Install."

Sideloading the DeoVR App Using SideQuest

  1. For those who prefer a different installation method, SideQuest provides an alternative. Here's how to sideload DeoVR to your Pico 4 headset:
  2. Visit the SideQuest platform and search for DeoVR.
  3. Follow the instructions in this blog on using SideQuest. Treat your Pico 4 similarly to a Quest headset.
  4. This video also guides you on enabling developer mode on the Pico 4.

Please note that while DeoVR brings exceptional VR experiences to your Pico 4, some users have reported minor playback issues with 8K videos. Luckily, there's a quick solution that includes changing the codec from h264 -> h265.

  1. Open the playback panel within DeoVR.
  2. Locate and select the cog symbol on the right.
  3. Under "Quick Settings," access the codec drop-down menu.
  4. Choose H265 as the codec.
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Installing DeoVR on your Pico 4 opens up a world of immersive VR experiences and high-quality media playback. Whether you're diving into 360-degree videos, exploring VR environments, or enjoying cinematic content, DeoVR delivers a seamless and captivating experience.

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