Benefits of playing Beat Saber and how to improve the skill

Benefits of playing Beat Saber and how to improve the skill

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Beat Saber is a VR rhythm music game in which players are equipped with 2 light swords. In this game, players will slash the neon blocks while also leaning and ducking to avoid the walls as well as other obstacles in their path, all to the thumping soundtrack of the game.

Beat Saber is also another game that emphasizes the importance of skill in terms of its potential as an exercise. During one of the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise tests, the energy expenditure of around 6.55 kcals - 7.45 kcals per minute was observed.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Playing Beat Saber

1. It helps you lose weight

Players can select the level of difficulty that best suits their physical abilities. The Beat Saber exercise is frequently compared to tennis, in which a player may burn around 6 to 8 kcal per minute. The more energy you burn while playing, the harder you push your body.

2. Reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure

Players of Beat Saber may improve their overall health as a result of increased cardio exercise. They can substantially reduce their chances of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol, among other things, if they get a few days of cardio per week.

3. Helps enhance the brain function

Beat Saber has a variety of health benefits as well as positive gaming side effects. This game tests your ability to react, memorize, and recall at breakneck speed. This gives one's brain a good workout, which, like any other muscle, requires continuous practice and strengthening.

4. Boosts muscular endurance

Beat Saber has a variety of movements that can help players build strength in their lower halves. Players may find more power and definition in their own legs with enough squatting, especially if they play a lot during the week. In such a physically inactive society, using VR games in this way can help to bring health to the games that people enjoy.

5. Improves hand-eye coordination

To hit the neon cubes as they barrel toward the players, they must have good hand-eye coordination. Players' hand-eye coordination improves as they get more accurate with their aim as they strike objects and blocks flying toward them.

Furthermore, in order to progress in the game, players must have quick reflexes. Players' reflexes can improve as they practice reacting to and hitting the flying neon cubes.

Ways To Improve Your Beat Saber Skills

The game is intended to be difficult, and mastering the fundamentals will take some effort and time. Below are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind if you truly want to do well at the harder challenges and grow into a true Beat Saber master.

Warm Up

Beat Saber will put you through your speed. You're not only swinging your arms to the beat, but you're also dodging and ducking various obstacles. Warming up is essential if you want to prevent injury.

At most, you should do some shoulder rolls in order to loosen up your shoulders, rowing exercises or chest presses to warm up your arms, knee bends to loosen up your legs, and some feet marching to stimulate your heartbeat.

Use The Practice Mode

Use the Practice Mode button to turn into an expert in the song section in which you are most likely to fail. After you've chosen a song and difficulty level, tap the mortarboard icon to open a new window with the practice mode choices.

Slow down the song to better understand the pattern. You must be able to go faster during your next practice round now. Continue doing this until it becomes second nature to you.

Beat A Song

If you're having trouble beating a song, go to the song you've been working on and try to beat and turn on the no-fail option. After that, you can return to practice mode and increase the speed to around 110 to 120. When you come back, you can now disable the no-fail option and reduce the speed, and you'll find yourself considerably better at that song.

Try The Campaign Mode

You can use the Campaign Mode to acquire skills that you might not have focused on if you were just playing songs. This mode allows you to go through and try everything, allowing you to level up your skills and develop into a more balanced player overall.

Try Out Different Hand Grips

You can experiment with different Beat Saber grips to improve your performance and make things easier for yourself. You can also use extended handles to level up and immerse yourself in the game.

There are different types of grips including the following:

  • 1.Default grip
  • 2.F-grip
  • 3.Claw grip
  • 4.R-claw grip
  • 5.X-grip 
  • Challenge Yourself More

    The only way for players to improve is to take on challenges, fail, overcome them, and then move on to bigger challenges. In this game, you need to do the same. Experiment with mods like Darth Maul, disappearing arrows, ghost notes, and battery energy. This training will help you improve your Beat Saber skills over time.

    VR Accessories Recommended to Improve Your Skills

    1. ZyberVR Dual Handles

    Use these handles to practice and get extra exercise.

    2. ZyberVR All-In-One Extended Handles

    Use these handles to play Darth Maul Mode and heavy mode.

    3. ZyberVR VR Mask Band

    4. ZyberVR Multi-Purpose Handles


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    I’ve noticed playing Beat Saber, my pants are getting lose. Songs that cause you to move your waist a lot, are usually between 77-140 bpm. Faster songs equal faster calorie burn.

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