Must-Have 3D Printed Meta Quest Pro Accessories For Ultimate VR Comfort + Download Links

Must-Have 3D Printed Meta Quest Pro Accessories For Ultimate VR Comfort + Download Links

One of the best ways to enhance your VR experience is by using 3D-printed accessories. These accessories can improve comfort, functionality, and immersion. Let's explore some of the top 3D-printed Meta Quest Pro accessories that you can add to your setup.

1. Controller Grips And Stand

Meta Quest Pro Controller Grips FINAL (PETG) + Stand (PLA) by Chefschweisser is a fantastic upgrade for your controllers. These grips are designed with an additional grippy texture using Varioshore TPU, providing a Shore Hardness of 60-65, making them soft and comfortable for extended use.

The design has been updated to tighten the rubber band, ensuring a secure fit. For those who prefer to buy instead of print, a slightly different version is available on Etsy, made with Inland TPU and modded for use with a gunstock.

Click here to download.

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2. Lightblockers

The Meta Quest Pro TPU Lightblocker by Chefschweisser is essential for those seeking to reduce light interference during VR sessions. Made from TPU with a single wall and no supports, these lightblockers are easy to print and customize.

An upgraded version is available for users with smaller IPD (interpupillary distance), ensuring the ring doesn't touch your nose. Printing at a speed of 15-30mm/s is recommended for optimal results.

Click here to download.

3. Speaker Amplifiers

For those wanting better audio quality, the Meta Quest Pro Speaker Amplifiers by MeltsPlastic are a great choice. Designed to amplify sound, these amplifiers offer deeper bass and louder volume by about 30%. They can be printed in PLA or similar materials.

Click here to download.

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4. Wall Mount

Keep your setup organized with the Meta Quest Pro Wall Mount by malibooroo. This mount allows for easy charging of controllers thanks to their magnetic design, although the headset requires careful alignment due to gravity reliance.

For a more reliable setup, a simple Velcro strap can help ensure a perfect charge every time.                         

Click here to download.

5. Strap Attachment

Comfort is key for long VR sessions. The Meta Quest Pro Strap Attachment by nanoant adds a top central Velcro strap to improve comfort, reducing forehead pressure. This flexible attachment fits behind the front cushion and works well with 2-3cm straps.

Click here to download.

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6. Chin Strap Clip

To prevent the headset from moving during high-motion activities, the Meta Quest Pro Chin Strap Clip by Attobyte2600 is a great solution. This clip, used with a strap, stabilizes the headset effectively.

Click here to download.

7. Front Rear Strap System

Alehandoro's Quest Pro Front Rear Strap System enhances the headset's fit, providing additional support and comfort. This system includes a front and rear strap that can be easily attached and adjusted.

Click here to download.

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8. IPD Fixer

For those who need to set a specific IPD, the Meta Quest Pro IPD Fixer by Chefschweisser is an essential accessory. This fixer allows you to adjust the IPD from 59-70, ensuring a clear and comfortable view.

Click here to download.

9. Controllers

The Meta Quest Pro Controllers by MrTasselhof provide accurate models of the controllers, which can be beneficial for accessory makers. These models, originally owned by Meta and posted from a Unity project, are licensed under Creative Commons.

For those developing their own accessories, these controller models can serve as a reliable reference. They ensure compatibility and accuracy in design, helping users create well-fitting accessories.

Click here to download.

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Recommended Meta Quest Pro Accessories


3D printed accessories for the Meta Quest Pro can significantly enhance your VR experience. From improved comfort and sound quality to better organization and customization, these accessories offer practical and cost-effective solutions. Whether you're a seasoned VR user or new to the Meta Quest Pro, these 3D printed accessories can help you get the most out of your device.

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