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ZyberVR Quest 2 All-in-One Fitness Sticks

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  • Three Modes for Various Games: like Gorilla Tag, Beat Saber, Golf+, exVRience GOLF CLUB, First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis, Kayak: Mirage, iB Cricket, and so on.
  • Stable Quick-Lock ConnectionLevel up your game with Quick-Lock handles that secure & stabilize your Quest 2 controller, without any signal blockage.
  • Removable Weights: Transform your gaming sessions with built-in, removable weights (up to 4.23oz/120g) for more stability and more exercise!
  • Skin-friendly & Anti-slip Rubber Handles: The same material as golf club grips! - deliver comfort and grip for however you play.
  • Add-ons: Slip on the externally hanging wrist straps for added protection, and a bag for easy storage.
  • Presetting in the Golf+ and exVRience Golf Club.
    1. Dual Handle Mode: Gorilla Tag, Beat Saber, AudioTrip, FitXR, Supernatural VR, Synth Riders, Ragnarock, Smash Drums, BoomBox, Fruit Ninja, First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis
    2. Short Handle Mode: Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf 5 eClub, Exvrience
    3. Long Handle Mode: Darth Maul Mod of Beat Saber, Kayak VR: Mirage, Blade and Sorcery, Sword of Gargantua, iB Cricket

    * Please ensure there is enough space for playing to avoid any accidents, such as accidentally colliding with walls or other objects.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Top Notch

    First off let me tell you the customer service from Mandy is top notch. I received the All-in-One Fitness Handles for Quest 2 back in august and have played Kayak VR: Mirage, Beat Saber, and Walkabout Mini Golf and its almost perfect. The quality of ZyberVR is the BEST I have seen for VR accessories ever. They thought it through so well, they even gave consideration to even add weights that you can add and remove and everything in the hands just feels so right accept for when I played Kayak VR. I found that the length of the paddle just didn't feel right. I contacted them about this and they made me a extension that was just perfect and WOW that was bang on just like everything else was . Fantastic job!! Everyone should try ZyberVR

    Good product

    The product is amazing shown in the video. Definitely recommend buying.

    Keith Brockwell
    Great extension attachments

    Great extension for playing golf, tennis and other games on VR games. Made with good quality and comes with waits to make it feel more realistic.

    Вяра Михова

    Very good sticks. They do give long arms!

    Crystle Nicole Rodriguez
    Really nice!

    Got these for my son and he loves them to make his arms longer in games!

    Renee Leone
    Great product

    My son loves using these, durable

    As advertised. My son loves them!

    Great quality and works as expected!


    Great gift ����

    You won't believe how much better some game are with this.

    I love playing Beat Saber, Tennis, Golf, and any game that you fight with a sword or a gun. Maybe not Population One though, they get in my way. Being weight it make my feel like I am actually hold the object. I'm so glad I bought this and wish I would have bought it before now.

    Erin Rivera
    Best extensions I�M��e found

    These extensions are great�M��ery secure and sturdy. We bought two other brands of extensions before these, both of which lasted less than two weeks. These are very sturdy and have a solid hook that goes over the controller and clips into the extension.