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Lentes graduadas ZyberVR Quest 2 con protección de luz azul

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  • Tres potentes imanes le permiten instalar y quitar fácilmente las lentes magnéticas del auricular.
  • Las lentes de resina de alto índice de refracción tienen un revestimiento antirrayas que mantiene las lentes ultra claras, livianas y delgadas. Además, cuentan con una alta hidrofobicidad que los hace fáciles de limpiar.
  • La luz azul de los dispositivos electrónicos puede afectar su vista y su sueño. Con el filtro de luz azul, las lentes graduadas pueden filtrar eficazmente la luz azul y proteger mejor sus ojos.
  • Guarda y transporta cómodamente con la mini bolsa.

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Quest 2

⚠️Since this is a customized product, please choose your prescription carefully before placing the order. Feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions.⚠️

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Lens Production Time: 1-7 days

Go to our Shipping Policy page for more info



    What prescription range is supported?

    Currently, ZyberVR lens inserts are available for the following optical range:

    SPH: -8.00 to +8.00
    CYL: -6.00 to +6.00
    AXS: 0 to 180

    If your prescription is out of the range, please contact us and we will take a look at it for you.

    How to read your prescription to buy VR lens inserts? (SPH/CYL/AXS/ADD meanings)

    SPH: The spherical (SPH) determines if you have hypermetropia (+) or myopia (-). The number indicates the strength of the lens you need. A smaller number signifies a milder condition.

    CYL: The abbreviation CYL refers to cylinder and indicates the seriousness of astigmatism.

    AXS: Axis is a number from 1 to 180. If your doctor has included cylinder power, there will also be an axis value to indicate positioning. Axis is measured in degrees and refers to where the astigmatism is located on the cornea. 

    ADD: ADD is used in Multifocal Lens (Bifocal, Trifocal and Progressive lens) to indicate the additional magnifying power for the bottom part of the lens.
    Since the VR headsets usually have projected focal distances of about 4-6ft (1.2-1.8m) depending on the different VR headset. Bifocal, Progressive and Reading prescriptions will be reduced to the single vision lenses and adjusted for 4-6ft (1.2-1.8m)  focal range.
    If you do not have numbers under ADD then you do not need to worry about ADD. If you have numbers under ADD please choose "Extra ADD/Prism" and note your ADD in the order.

    Prism: Prism only appears on a low number of prescriptions. It’s used when your doctor feels that compensation for eye alignment is necessary.
    If you do not have numbers under Prism then you do not need to worry about Prism. If you have numbers under Prism please choose "Extra ADD/Prism" and note your prism in the order.

    Learn more prescription lens terms from this guide:

    Why there is no option for PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement?

    The Oculus Quest has an inbuilt system which willl adjust to your optimal PD position. So you don't need the PD number for prescription lens. And this is our guide for PD measurement and adjustment.

    Could I use the prescription of Reading Glasses?

    Do NOT enter your reading glasses (cheaters) power. Like the cheap glasses you buy at the grocery store or over the counter generic glasses. VR focal range is further than reading distance even though the lens is close to your eye, the simulation is further.

    Could I use the prescription of Contact Lenses

    Do NOT use a contact lens prescription.

    How do I identify Right and Left lenses?

    You could figure out the Right and Left lenses by the "R" and "L" marks on the lenses base and lenses.


    How do I clean the prescription lenses?

    Here are some suggestions for cleaning your lenses.

    1. Use a special lens cleaning solution or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lenses.
    2. Avoid cleaning solutions that contain alcohol, ammonia or strong chemicals as they may damage the lens coating.
    3. Do not use abrasive materials, such as paper towels or coarse cloth, as they may scratch the lenses.
    4. Before cleaning the lenses, rinse them with warm water to remove dust and particles and to avoid scratching them while wiping.
    5. After cleaning, gently dry the lenses with a clean tissue or microfiber cloth.

    What is included in the package?

    - A pair of prescription lenses

    - Storage case *1

    - Cleaning cloth *1

    - User Manual *1

    Order & Shipping

    Can I return my product?

    Since this is a customized product, we only accept returns when your prescription lenses are not consistent with the order or quality issues. So please choose your prescription carefully before placing the order.

    How long will my order take?

    Production Leadtime: 1-7 working days

    Delivery Time: depends on which country you are live in.

    Please find delivery time from the shipping policy:

    How do I track my order?

    We will send you the tracking number by email. And you could check the shipping status from this link:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 175 reviews
    Mario Dupuis
    Night and Day

    The difference in comfort using the ZyberVR prescription vs regular glasses is a night and day difference. They are very precise and the image in the Quest 2 is clearer than ever. Even more so then using my regular glasses since they would press on my face and possibly offset the focal point. The magnetic base makes cleaning the lenses very easy too. Excellent pricing considering other offerings from different vendors are often double the price and do not include blue blocking or anti glare coating. Would recommend. Also will probably update when it’s time to pay a visit to the optometrist every other year. That’s what I just did, the day after I got my visual exam I ordered right away. Shipping is fast I could resume using the headset in no time.

    Dennis Anton

    I recently received the ZyberVR Quest 2 Prescription Lenses with Blue Light Protect in my prescription and I'm very satisfied. I no longer have to wear an uncomfortable pair of glasses under the VR headset. The Blue Light Protect feature significantly reduces eye strain during long VR sessions.

    Overall, the ZyberVR Quest 2 Prescription Lenses are a great investment for a comfortable and eye-friendly VR experience.

    Greetings from Germany

    Low price, high quality!

    This was my second set of prescription lenses (first was from a different company), initially the price is what drew me to try Zyber, 2 pairs for my quest 2 and PSVR2 was only slightly more than a single pair with other brands. After recieving and testing both sets I cannot fault the quality, low profile meaning plenty of room left in the headset and extremely easy to attach/remove due to the magnets, if I had to have any criticism the delivery time was slightly longer than other competitors however factoring in the price and product quality this was a non issue. Would definately check Zyber first when I buy more lenses in the future.

    Nick Firth
    They Finally arrived 🥳🥳🥳

    As a glasses wearer who plays Meta Quest 2, you may worry about the glasses scratching the headset lenses 🤦‍♂️ I managed to remove the scratch from my lense thankfully with Poly Watch scratch remover!
    Also I was bothered by the stress and discomfort of wearing prescription glasses, as the arms I found put pressure on the sides of my face, and was constantly trying to find a sweet spot for comfort. A pair of prescription lenses are absolutely game-changing accessory for your VR experience!
    They are so easy to attach straight out the pack! Literally the slightest press and they click onto the stock lenses face, and then your glasses prescription magnetically attaches to the attached holder, as simple as that!
    The prescription is absolutely spot on and have no complaints, my vision is crystal clear and no more messing about with 💯 percent comfort. And at a price of £35.61 that’s with the 20% discount (Discount Codes: UK20/VR20/LORDK- Either work) they are literally the cheapest lenses on the market, and I can personally recommend them as being spot on. With Free Shipping you really can’t go wrong!
    Some product details below 👇
    * Three strong magnets let you easily install and remove the magnetic lenses from the headset.
    * The high refractive index resin lenses have an anti-scratch coating keeping the lenses ultra-clear, light, and slim. Additionally, they come with a high hydrophobicity making them easy to clean
    * Blue light from the electronics may affect your eyesight and sleep. With the blue light filter, the prescription lenses could effectively filter the blue light and better protect your eyes.
    * Store and carry conveniently with the mini bag.
    * Microfibre lenses cloth included


    ZyberVR Quest 2 Prescription Lenses with Blue Light Protect

    Perfect service

    The price is lower than competitors, but the quality is spot on. Delivery was fast enough - considering that the goods are arriving from China.

    Would buy again.

    Prescription lenses for quest 2

    After reading a lot of comments regarding the wearing of glasses scratching the lenses whilst using my new quest 2. i decided to purchase a set of these lenses from ZyberVR, I didn't want to pay top mark for these so the Zyber lenses seemed like a bargain. I submitted my prescription and was told delivery would be about 2 weeks. I received the order the day after my quest 2 arrived. They were truly amazing, I popped the carrier frames in and the magnetic lenses just attach to the carriers, makes it easy to take them out for another person to use the headset. I am very pleased with the lenses and can't believe the freedom you get through not having to cope with glasses. Also the protection of the headset lenses is guaranteed. Would highly recommend this product.

    Absolute Best

    These lenses have been a lifesaver! I use my Meta headset almost daily and I can now see 💯 times better. Super easy to attach and use! I definitely recommend!

    Janette Worthington
    Game changer

    Can not recommend these lenses highly enough. I am addicted to the Les Mills workout on my meta quest but found it uncomfortable when wearing my glasses for longer periods. I ordered my prescription lenses with some trepidation to be honest but when they arrived, in a handy little case, I couldn’t have been happier. They were an exact copy of my prescription, fitted perfectly and arrived in good time. Fabulous, a truly game changing purchase for me. Thank you

    Richard Powell
    Good product. Great price.

    Arrived quickly. Work well.