A Guide To Gorilla Tag Skins And Colors

A Guide To Gorilla Tag Skins And Colors

Skins in Gorilla Tag are more than just visual enhancements—they're integral to the game's identity and mechanics. These skins, ranging from simple color changes to intricate designs, allow players to personalize their gorillas and express their individual styles.

1. Regular Skin

The Regular skin is the default appearance for your gorilla. It’s simple and classic, providing a clean slate that players can customize to their liking. This skin has a straightforward look without any flashy effects, making it the perfect base for any player.

Using Gorilla OS, players can modify their Regular skin's color on the “Color” page. This feature allows you to mix and match colors using three different channels, creating endless combinations.

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2. Rock Skin

The Rock skin covers your gorilla in a rugged, earthy texture, making it look like you’ve been carved from stone. Its muted tones and natural look help you blend into rocky environments, adding a strategic element to your gameplay.

In the "Tag State" of the Infection game mode, the Rock skin becomes your identity when you’re “It.” As the initial infected player, you’ll don this skin, and it stays with you as you tag other players, who then also adopt the Rock skin. This transformation continues until everyone is tagged, marking the end of the round.

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3. Lava Skin

The Lava skin engulfs your gorilla in molten rock, giving you a fiery, intense look. It’s as if you’ve emerged from the heart of a volcano, with streams of lava flowing across your body. The glowing, fiery appearance makes you stand out in any game mode.

When the game mode shifts to the "Infection State" and there are four or more players, the Lava skin takes center stage. Tagged players become infected and adopt the Lava skin, visually marking their status and signaling to others that they should avoid getting too close.

Similar to the Rock skin, the Lava skin comes with a particle effect. Fiery particles trail behind you as you move, creating a dynamic visual effect that mimics flowing lava. This effect not only looks cool but also serves as a reminder to other players of your infected status.

4. Ice Skin

The Ice skin wraps your gorilla in a layer of frost, giving you a crystalline, shimmering appearance. In the Hunt game mode, the Ice skin is used when you’re tagged by another player.

What sets the Ice skin apart is its ability to slow down other players. When you tag someone with the Ice skin, they’re temporarily slowed, giving you a strategic advantage. This freezing effect can be a game-changer, allowing you to catch up to your prey or escape from danger more easily.

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5. Paint Skin

In Paintbrawl, players are divided into Blue and Orange teams, each with its own set of Paint skins. Blue team members sport shades of blue, while Orange team members wear vibrant orange hues. These skins help players easily identify their teammates and opponents.

Paint skins have dynamic appearance changes based on game events. When a player is hit, their skin shows splatters of paint, indicating they’ve been tagged. If a player is stunned or eliminated, their skin’s brightness dims, reflecting their status.

6. Fizzled Skin

To obtain the Fizzled skin, you need to visit the Glass Chamber in the Basement map. Here, you’ll find a soda bottle on a raft. By throwing Monke Mints into the soda bottle, you trigger an eruption that transforms players into Fizzled monkes. The skin can be removed by splashing water balloons, entering the body of water in the chamber, or leaving the area entirely.

The transformation event is interactive and exciting. As you and other players throw Monke Mints into the soda bottle, the tension builds until the bottle erupts. Soda sprays everywhere, and touching it transforms you into a Fizzled monke.

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Gorilla Tag skins allow you to personalize your gorilla and express your style while also playing strategic roles in various game modes. Customization options further enhance this experience, letting you tweak colors and effects to create your perfect look.


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