Gorilla Tag Maps - Everything You Need To Know

Gorilla Tag Maps - Everything You Need To Know

Gorilla Tag is an exciting VR game where players take on the role of gorillas and engage in fast-paced tag games. One of the game's most captivating features is its diverse array of maps, each offering unique environments and challenges. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to all the Gorilla Tag maps, giving you an in-depth look at what makes each one special.

1. Forest

Forest is the first map introduced in Gorilla Tag and remains one of the most iconic and popular. It serves as the main lobby for players, making it the starting point for many newcomers.

The map features a large tree where players spawn. Scattered throughout the map are various structures, including walls for climbing practice, tree houses, and wooden platforms. A charming picnic area can also be found within the map, adding to the Forest's relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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2. Cave

This map is characterized by its dark, winding passages, and mysterious ambiance. Near the entrance, players encounter a long waterfall that leads to the inner depths of the map. In the middle of the Cave, a gigantic pink crystal is held up by scaffolding and ropes, creating a focal point for the map.

The curved cavern features rock pillars and a stream of water leading to a tunnel, offering an intricate space for exploration. Just outside the cave, the open cavern area includes larger purple crystals and a speaker playing music, enhancing the immersive experience.

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3. Canyon

Known for its rugged terrain and interactive elements, Canyon offers a challenging environment for players. The map features several concrete formations creating platforms and passageways for players to traverse. Natural vegetation like cacti and bushes add to the desert-like atmosphere.

Scattered around the map, these buildings are made from scaffolding and metal supports, providing various levels for players to climb. Beige ropes and blue ziplines wind around the edge of the Canyon and specific structures, adding interactive elements for players.

4. City

City serves as the central hub for social interaction and casual gameplay in Gorilla Tag. There is a three-floor mall where players can purchase cosmetics, try out outfits in the dress-up booth, and check out the latest bundles.

An obstacle course must be completed to unlock the Competitive Queue. City connects to other maps and areas, allowing for seamless transitions between different environments.

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5. Mountain

This map features icy terrains and thrilling slides. The ice makes movement challenging and exciting, requiring players to master their balance. The igloo houses a computer terminal, wardrobe, and game mode selector.

Unique slides and ramps allow players to quickly traverse the map and experience thrilling rides. Near the entrance, a large blue fan can push players up, adding a unique movement mechanic.

6. Clouds

This map offers a whimsical and airy environment high above the ground. Players can use a Glider, a holdable object available throughout the map, to navigate the tornado. Ropes and ziplines also connect the lower and upper portions of Clouds, adding dynamic traversal options.

Access to Clouds is achieved through a unique wind-powered elevator, enhancing the map's whimsical nature. Strong gusts of wind prevent players from jumping off the map, keeping the gameplay contained within the intended area.

7. Basement

The center of the Basement features a game table with various gimmicks, such as a Maze or Glass Chamber. The walls are adorned with posters and decorations, adding to the map's eerie ambiance.

Basement is filled with interactive elements, such as navigating mazes and exploring hidden chambers.

8. Beach

This map offers a sunny, tropical environment perfect for relaxation and fun. The colorful umbrellas and decorations create a festive beach atmosphere. There are also underwater features that add an element of exploration and discovery.

Beach introduces swimming, allowing players to explore underwater areas. Located near the docks, the computer terminal provides access to Gorilla OS.

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Gorilla Tag Maps offer players a diverse range of environments to explore and enjoy. From the lush forests of Forest to the mysterious depths of Basement, each map presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for adventure.


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